• Battle of the bragging rights

    Battle of the bragging rights

    Jennifer Lima, Staff Writer

    August 25, 2016

    The football game of the year is already amongst us. This Friday night at 7:30 PM in Eagle territory our football team takes on rivaled PHU. Our rivalry with PHU has steadily increased over the past few years as they became a closer match for us than longtime adversary, Tarpon.  Last year for the first... READ MORE »»

    The Eagles prepare for revenge upon PHU.


  • The Hawaiian

    The Hawaiian

    Ryan Muchard, Staff Writer

    April 15, 2016

    What we wear says a lot about us: cargo shorts show that you’re a nerd, a nice suit shows sophistication, and a graphic T-shirt (such as one with a large cat printed on it) shows a funny personality. The Hawaiian shirt exudes a mentality like no other article of clothing can; it radiates the “I’m... READ MORE »»

    These guys know how to dress and attract the ladies.

  • East Lake’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Russ St. George

    East Lake’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Russ St. George

    Stephanie Hamilton, Staff Writer

    March 15, 2016

    Russ St. George is a man that women just can’t resist. He takes them back to the time of chivalry when he puts on his green Madrigal cape. Not only is he a musician, but he is also a television personality on East Lake’s own Eagle Eye News. His dashing good looks and exciting personality get women... READ MORE »»

    Ladies cannot resist the green velvet.

  • Dear deer

    Dear deer

    Joe Ficarrotta, Features Editor

    February 19, 2016

    Legend has it that a mysterious creature roams the forests of Lansbrook. It is neither man nor beast. It looms in the dark corners of consciousness and reality. Some say it is from the fifth dimension, a figment of one’s imagination born into reality. This being’s name is as mysterious as its origins.... READ MORE »»

    An amateur sketch of the beast based on descriptions by travelers.

  • Is Valentine’s Day more of a girl or a guy holiday?

    Is Valentine’s Day more of a girl or a guy holiday?

    Lexi Himelhoch and Lindzy Suchomelly

    February 11, 2016

    Putting all of the expensive chocolate and giant teddy bears aside, what really is Valentine’s Day? According to dictionary.com, Valentine’s Day is:  noun 1. February 14, observed in honor of St. Valentine as a day for the exchange of valentines and other tokens of affectio... READ MORE »»

    If you are single on Valentine’s Day, all you need is a puppy!

iPhone 7 release information: a follow-up

Evan Rocha, Staff Writer

As of September 16, the iPhone 7 is finally out and available for the public to purchase. For the most part, the new model contains nearly every feature rumored beforehand....  Read More »

September 25, 2016

Real life Frankenstein?

Sebastian Arriola, Staff Writer

Dr.Sergio Canavero, a Italian neurosurgeon, has released to the public that he wants to perform the first head transplant on a Russian man. He states his project is done by...  Read More »

September 23, 2016

Texas is a ‘blue’ state

Stony Hooker, Staff Writer

For Americans the colors red and blue are deeply linked to the Democratic and Republican parties, but it’s really only been that way since the 2000 election. After all,...  Read More »

September 22, 2016

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The difference between Patriotism and Nationalism

Alexander Nakamura, Staff Writer

Most often, people use the word patriotism to describe nationalistic qualities. The two words are similar in that they apply to a country but they are different concepts. Patriotism...  Read More »

September 23, 2016

  • Is cold brew the coffee for you? September 22, 2016
  • The tale of Hugh Mungus September 19, 2016
  • The new SAT: what you need to know September 16, 2016

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Florida’s mysterious season between summer and winter

Madi Sonnenberg, Web Editor

If you’ve lived in Florida for any amount of time, you will agree that the season of fall is virtually nonexistent. Other parts of the United States experience cooler temperatures,...  Read More »

September 22, 2016

BUCKle up!

September 21, 2016

What makes a sport really a sport?

September 16, 2016

Adopt, don’t shop

September 14, 2016

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