Bucs free agent rumors

To complement their updated logo, the Bucs could use some upgrades at several positions.

Kyle Dobbs, Staff Writer

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After the hiring of coaching great Lovie Smith and outstanding General Manager Jason Licht, the Bucs have had some rumors floating around about signing a couple big time players during this offseason.

                One of the biggest names is future Hall of Famer Devin Hester (a Miami Hurricane great). Hester was outstanding in college and proved the NFL that he was the best return man there is with a total of 18 touchdowns since 2006. Unfortunately, this is Hester’s last year with the Bears unless he signs a contract extension, but otherwise there are a lot of rumors saying that he will be playing at Tampa Bay under his former coach Lovie Smith.

                Another rumor is that the Bucs will sign elite Defensive End Jared Allen. Allen currently plays for the Minnesota Vikings and his contract expired at the end of last season, making him a free agent. Adding Allen will make our defensive line even stronger than it is and I think our team will be complete.

                Another rumor is that in this upcoming draft, the Bucs might just trade up to get quarterback Blake Bortles from the University of Central Florida or even former Heisman Trophy winner quarterback Johnnie Manziel from Texas A&M University. Coach Lovie Smith believes that a Franchise QB will be available at the number 7 overall pick and wasn’t yet convinced that current starting QB Mike Glennon is “the answer.”

                This year’s draft is stocked with such superstar athletes, and in order for the Bucs to rebuild and be on the “top caliber” team they were when they won the Super Bowl, I think that the positions they need to work on are quarterbacks, tight ends, linebackers, and more depth on both sides of the ball. So if the Bucs are able to draft either Blake Bortles, Khalil Mack, Sammy Watkins, Eric Ebron, or even Kelvin Benjamin, I would be happy with this year’s draft.

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Bucs free agent rumors