• A deep dive into East Lake’s signing day

    A deep dive into East Lake’s signing day

    Ian Woodward, Staff Writer

    February 5, 2018

    Signing on National Signing day is a huge honor; every year athletes across the nation participate in National Signing Day, an event in which student athletes are presented in front of their peers to sign their national letters of intent to each of their future universities. Every year East Lake High...

    East Lake has a proud tradition of athletes from a variety of sports signing on Signing Day.

  • DIY Christmas decor for your humble abode

    DIY Christmas decor for your humble abode

    Victoria Valby, Staff Writer

    December 10, 2017

    Decorations can range anywhere from $5 to $500, and that is simply ridiculous.  Christmas already requires hundreds and hundreds of dollars to fill that space underneath the tree, so having to buy expensive decorations along with gifts is not the most pleasant experience. However, in light of this season...

    Simple and sweet, this craft is family-friendly and easy.

  • Bring it on, Irma

    Bring it on, Irma

    Madi Sonnenberg, Web Editor

    September 7, 2017

    By now you’ve probably heard of the possible death and destruction that’s coming to Florida in the form of Irma this weekend. Although I think the hurricane namers could have come up with a more menacing name than “Irma” for this category five storm, it’s always good to be prepared in case...

    This duck floatie is not amused with Irma and neither are we.


  • Hoco help!

    Hoco help!

    Samantha Roghaar, Ads Manager

    September 6, 2017

    Saturday the 16th marks one of the biggest events of the school year: the homecoming dance! While finding the perfect homecoming dress or deciding on your plans for the evening can be very stressful, homecoming can be a special night that leaves you with great memories. As a senior, this will be my four...

    Clearly my group wasn’t very good at taking hoco pictures last year!

    James Hasell

  • Battle of the bragging rights

    Battle of the bragging rights

    Jennifer Lima, Staff Writer

    August 25, 2016

    The football game of the year is already amongst us. This Friday night at 7:30 PM in Eagle territory our football team takes on rivaled PHU. Our rivalry with PHU has steadily increased over the past few years as they became a closer match for us than longtime adversary, Tarpon.  Last year for the first...

    The Eagles prepare for revenge upon PHU.


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