The image shows Will Smith’s most recent Instagram post in which he states he is putting the mansion on the Airbnb website.

The Fresh Airbnb of Bel-Air

September 17, 2020

Dance Moms is a show that follows a competitive dance team called the Abby Lee Dance Company. These girls are extremely competitive and spend countless hours rehearsing, but the most entertaining part of the show is usually watching their mothers argue and get into fights.
	Throughout the show, the main focus has normally been the drama between the mothers and the dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller. Abby tends to use an extremely harsh teaching method, which often upsets the mothers and causes arguments that usually get out of hand and end up in screaming matches. Abby’s harsh teaching methods are often the focal point of the show as the kids strive for Abby’s approval but never seem to gain it. 
The fights in this show are dramatic and over the top, making it a very entertaining show to watch. The moms often get in fights not only with Abby, but with each other as they fight over things such as who’s child gets solos or other special parts in their competitions. This drama is what makes the show so entertaining and makes it a great show to binge watch. Abby’s behavior is often shocking and usually the cause of this drama, as she will usually be too harsh on the kids and lash out at the moms for sticking up for them. This also causes more drama between the moms as Abby often shows blatant favoritism, normally towards Maddie and Mackenzie Zeigler. This puts a strain on the relationships between the mothers on the team and causes more drama, making the show extremely entertaining.
Though a lot of the drama and fights on the show may have been faked or exaggerated, the show can still be extremely addicting to those who watch it and is one of the most iconic reality T.V. shows ever.
Caption: Abby and her team from the newest season of Dance Moms.

Dance Moms review

September 13, 2020

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