Feel-good shows to watch

Feel-good shows to watch

Marley Burwell, Features Editor
April 5, 2019
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Pewdiepie Versus T-Series

Brock Maloy, Staff Writer
April 1, 2019

US Movie Review

Brandon Ottaviano, Staff Writer
April 1, 2019
Answer this riddle!

Riddle me this

Kinou Louis-Charles, Ads Manager
March 31, 2019
Disney movie are directed at young children but contain some deep themes.

Behind the mouse

KInous Louis-Charles, Ads Manager
March 31, 2019
Only two weeks ago one of the newest music festivals took place for the first time in Boca Raton. Sunset Cove Amphitheater took on a two-day weekend filled with crowds of people, head-banging music, and an outstanding stage. Set up on the water, the venue provided space for food stands and clothing sales along the top of the hill and a lake view with the sun setting over it in the background. The stage was placed at the center of everything, smack dab in the middle for all to crowd around. The festival featured several huge headliners such as Excision, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, and Adventure Club, who lit up the stage. Other artists such as Zomboy, 12th Planet, Subdocta, Sullivan King, Downlink, and Bear Grillz played insane sets with crazy beats and awesome visuals. The first year of the festival was a huge success and I believe everyone enjoyed it. My good friend and freshman at HPPC Lilly Metcalf said, “It was one of the best festivals I have been to yet.”
When you arrived at the grounds, first step was the follow the traffic guiders, pay for parking, and make your way to the entrance. It was a beautiful sunny weekend, hot and sweaty but with a cool breeze coming off the water. The security was not too strict and once the tickets were scanned the day began! The one stage featured all the artists, rotating in and out changing up the vibe. In between sets there was a quick transition period with music still playing to keep the crowd alive. The wild colors danced across the screen and the music fit in beat, changing and swirling. The best part about this new festival was the people. So many different faces from different states and counties all traveling for the same purpose: the love of the music. As a first year festival it brought together new rave families and bonded friendships that will last no matter  the distance. Next year should be amazing to see what the festival takes on!

Forbidden Kingdom

Jasmine Kellogg, Staff Writer
March 1, 2019
Figure 1 night at the Oscars recap, Vox.com

Take a Bow!

Kinou Louis-Charles, Ad Manager
March 1, 2019
An onslaught of twitter and instagram memes followed this scandal.

A Kardashian drama

Marley Burwell, Features Editor
February 22, 2019
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