Season’s top jobs

Lindsey Yearwood, Staff Writer

December 10, 2010

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With the holiday season approaching comes the thoughts of vacations, family, celebrations and most of all holiday gifts. If you’re like me your also thinking where am I going get the money for presents for my family, friends,...

Next Big Thing

Jimmy Skaaland, Staff Writer

December 10, 2010

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Next Big Thing(NBT) is a concert that was put on by Tampa Bays rock station 97X, on December 5th at the 1-800-Ask-Gary Amphitheatre.  Many bands, including  My Chemical Romance, Against Me, Neon Trees, Chevelle, Switchfoot...

Why are you so obsessed with me?

Erin Cole, Sports Editor

December 6, 2010

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2010 was full of many memorable events, new technologies, rising reality T.V. stars, and more for all people to become “obsessed” with. With the year winding down, the list of the top ten most obsessed over distractions is...

The madness that is “Black Friday”

Garrett Lemery, Staff Writer

December 3, 2010

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          The clock read 2:30 AM, and we knew we were already behind. With that, the four of us packed into the car and off to Target we went. As we arrived at the Boot Ranch Target, the line had already made its way...

Who knows what the future holds?

Danae Zimmer, Features Editor

November 29, 2010

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We all know that “future” is a scary word. It’s filled with chance and uncertainty; possibilities and experiences. It’s hard to imagine though what our lives are actually going to look like. Are we going to get everything...

Skit Night

Alex Zacharias, Staff Writer

November 16, 2010

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Every year East Lake has a skit night during Homecoming week, which gives students a chance to make up a skit about whatever they want and represent their class to compete for the the number one title. Before the skits even begin...

BIG Burgers

Tyler Higbee, Staff Writer

November 12, 2010

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Everyone wants to be in the best shape that they can be and as healthy as they can be. For some it requires exercising more, for others it requires eating better. All of us try our best but at the same time see ourselves slip...

The effects of cell phones in modern society

Kaila Schlimm, Staff Writer

November 11, 2010

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Some people rely on their cell phones for everything. Mainly due to the fact that some cell phones can do just about anything. Need to check your stocks? Your phone may be able to do that. Send an e-mail? Maybe that too. Some...

The world of modern day slavery

Danae Zimmer, Features Editor

November 9, 2010

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One evening Debbie (not her real name) said she got a call from a casual friend Bianca. She asked to stop by Debbie's house. Wearing just a pair of Sponge Bob pajamas, Debbie went outside to meet Bianca, who drove up in a Cadillac...

What do you crave?

Taylor Rowland, Staff Writer

November 5, 2010

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Everyone craves something. Whether it’s the 9 o’clock chocolate cravings, Starbucks before school, or Moe’s in 5th period, everyone has that certain food that they crave at a certain time. Senior Kayla Fratus says her b...

Piercings and Tattoos at Work Places

Jordan Patton, Staff Writer

November 5, 2010

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   Having piercings and/or tattoos can affect you having a job. Most job places have strict dress codes that employees have to follow. Along with the dress code, employees are not allowed to have any piercings or tattoos visible....


Tyler Higbee, Staff Writer

October 29, 2010

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Everyone has their own way of having fun. For some it could be dancing, for others it could be games, no matter what everyone finds enjoyment in certain things in life. There is a new activity that all can enjoy and it is taking...