Top concerts of the summer

Lindsey Yearwood, Staff Writer

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            For most Florida teens, the summers are all about having sun kissed skin, layingout on the beach all day, and hanging with friends. But other events that become very big during the summer time are the summer concerts. For many girls, it’s all the fun of dressing up in cowboy boots with jean shorts and going to country concerts. With guys it’s all about getting a group of friends and having tail gaiting parties before the event. This summer in Tampa Bay alone were 18 concerts, with big names like Tim McGraw, Dave Mathews, Brad Paisley,Ke$ha, and Rihanna.

             One of the top sell out concerts of the summer was Rihanna, with her fire red hair and her many outrageous costumes in her Last Girl on Earth Tour. Joining her was newest artist Ke$ha as they performed at the 1-800-Ask-Gary-Amphitheater. Many teens commented, saying that the event was all about fun, dancing, sweaty entertainment that it delivered.

             Another top selling concert was the farewell tour for the country duo Brooks and Dunn,as they also hit up the 1-800-Ask-Gary-Amphitheater with Jason Aldean as the opener. The duomight not do anything fancy, but with their love story lyrics and their 10 piece band, they let themusic do it all.           

               The most talked about concert though ended up being Brad Paisley’s H2O World Tour that ended up at, like every other concert, the 1-800-Ask-Gary-Amphitheater on August 13th. Many people dressed for the event in bathing suits and cowboy boots. Where for the theme they set up a large inflatable water slide next to the “Water World” sign for the fans to cool off from the hot summer night. The concert was opened with many singers from Easton Corbin, andJustin Moore, to Darius Rucker. Then around sunset stepped Brad Paisley onto the stage as the crowd went insane. Senior Sabrina Mone explained how Brad Paisley’s H2O World Tour was the best concert she saw all summer.

            “Everything about the concert was fun. Just the car ride there and dressing up with all my friends was a blast. We tailgated and listened to music in the parking lot to get pumped for the concert. But the best part of all was when we were walking in and a random guy handed us three front row ticket!. The concert was amazing sitting up that close with my two friends.”

           So if you want to think ahead early for events next summer you should keep in mindthe excitement of concerts. They can be enjoyable for all ages with all different types of music. If you’re not sure on what concerts you would have most fun at just look up reviews from this summer. Because it is most likely they will be back for next.

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