Not so cute anymore

Erin Wronka, Staff Writer

     I remember when I would rush home from elementary school, hop on the couch, and switch the television to either Nickelodeon or maybe ABC Family to catch Full House reruns. My days of learning multiplication and hearing about Columbus were always associated with what show I was obsessed with at the moment. Not only did I have a passion for cheesy sitcoms, but I always could watch the same movie every day after school for weeks. I looked up to the actors portraying the characters I loved, but now as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized many of them are not the best role models. With the whole drama of Lindsay Lohan going to jail this summer, we’ve come to realize many other celebs like her have failed to do any better.

                Probably one of the most famous sets of twins ever kept us entertained from the early nineties into the new century. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen started as babies swapping the role of Michelle Tanner on Full House and the world fell in love with them then. They stayed with the show for its eight year run and in the meantime began filming their own straight to video movies. These tapes were always so cheesy, but it apparently was just what little kids wanted to watch. As the twins grew older, they were known for never doing work separately and always appeared together. Several television shows and movies later, the girls decided to attend New York University and this was when their acting career was fizzling out. Their first film showed in movie theaters was New York Minute and it proved to be a flop although people were expecting much better.  The next thing we knew rumors were exploding about Mary Kate’s apparent drug use and fight with anorexia. She ended up attending rehab for her issues, but it seems since then we haven’t seen much of the girls except their love of ratty clothing. They didn’t stay at NYU too long after deciding to keep working on their production company Dualstar, but in terms of their acting career only Mary Kate has had a few guest spots on shows and indy movies. Maybe one day we’ll see these 24-year-old twins back, but until then we’ll have to stick with those old Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley VHS tapes.

                Another child star that brings me back to my childhood is Amanda Bynes, now 24. We remember her from the Nickelodeon shows All That and The Amanda Show and she could always keep us laughing. As she grew up, she began filming movies that actually did well in theaters like Big Fat Liar and Hairspray. Her more mature television show What I Like About You had a successful four year run and we began to see the older side of Amanda. From there, it wasn’t that she got caught up in partying or awful movies, but it just seems we haven’t seen her in much. While she may have had a very successful career, in June 2010 Amanda took to Twitter to confess her issues.

                “Being an actress isn’t as fun as it may seem. If I don’t love something anymore, I stop doing it. I don’t love acting anymore, so I’ve stopped doing it,” Amanda wrote. This announcement of her “retirement” comes as a surprise, but we will get to see her in one of her last films, Easy A, in theaters now.

                If you didn’t hear the name Lindsay Lohan over the summer, then I applaud you. We couldn’t get away from this star’s struggle in court and eventual time in jail because anywhere we went it was posted somewhere. The little girl we knew and loved in The Parent Trap really did have a pretty successful career after she hit it big with that flick, but now it’s like that never happened. Lindsay has been struggling with drinking and drug use for years now, including a DUI, which still didn’t stop her from partying. Rehab and several attempts at court hearings later, Lindsay finally had to give in. She was sentenced to 90 days in prison, but of course she didn’t end up staying the whole time. The October issue of Vanity Fair features the troubled celebrity on its cover and apparently she really opened up about her struggles throughout the years. I actually really enjoyed Lindsay’s movies as a kid and hopefully her jail stint will get her back to normal.

                My favorite Christmas movie features such a cute little boy who isn’t so sweet anymore. Macaulay Culkin, star of Home Alone, was such a hit in the nineties and had so much potential. I feel as if those two movies were his only successes, although he acted in other films. As with what seems like every other child star, living the life of the rich and famous got to him eventually. Drugs and alcohol affected his life, but he seems to be working out his issues. We may never see him in a movie again, but at least if he gets better his cute boy charm in Home Alone  won’t be tainted with his bad image anymore.

                To be completely realistic, these aren’t the only child actors that aren’t so charming anymore, but it just goes to show how many negative effects Hollywood has on young people. So much potential, yet the A-list service manages to ruin it, making the job seem not so glamorous after all.