All I want for Christmas

Erin Wronka, Entertainment Editor

             16 years ago, music star Mariah Carey released her holiday album Merry Christmas when most of us high school students were only babies or not even born. The hit song “All I Want for Christmas is You” still plays repeatedly around the holidays and it’s one of my favorite Christmas songs that brings me back to my childhood. At the age of 26, Mariah released this album and now in 2010 she’s ready to outdo herself. At 40 years old, she’s been one of the most successful singers with her now 13 studio albums, and there’s even more to celebrate in her life.

                Mariah has confirmed her pregnancy with husband Nick Cannon, making this her first child if all goes well. Rumors have been sparking around them for years, and now it’s finally proven true.

                Besides a new addition to the family, Mariah has released her 13th album and 2nd holiday CD, Merry Christmas II You. Those who were fans of her first one are sure to find more Christmas songs that will become a holiday tradition.

                Mariah is one of the only artists who have released a second Christmas CD, and she can most likely get away with it. Personally, I’ve been tired of her screechy voice and her outfits designed for a 20 year old for awhile now, but the announcement of her Christmas CD may put her in the spotlight for a good reason. I love her first one, and it’s been one of her most successful albums so this new one may bring her back to the top of the charts. Her new single “Oh Santa” is bound to be everywhere this holiday season, so if you’re looking for fresh Christmas music, check out Mariah.