Jordan Patton, Staff Writer

         Greek, an original series by Patrick Sean Smith, is a drama set taken place in present time at Cyprus-Rhodes University. It focuses on the social minefield that is the Greek system. You watch the characters navigate their way through life as they try to find their place at Cyprus-Rhodes University.

           “I’ve watched the show since season one and I am in love with it!” said junior Kayla Lucero. This season of Greek is all about how Casey tries to find out why she was rejected from CRU law school, while Calvin and Rebecca try to adjust to their duties as president. It’s Casey, Evan, and Ashleigh’s graduation day and Casey and Cappie still haven’t talked since spring break. Casey and Cappie had a relationship all through last season of the show. Cappie wasn’t ready to grow up and leave CRU and Casey didn’t want to stay around so she ended things between them. Saying goodbye to Cappie doesn’t go as smoothly as Casey was hoping for. “I really do hope Casey and Cappie work things out. They were my favorite couple on the show,” said junior Mila Paunovich.

            After talking to Evan, Casey realizes the reason she did not get into CRU law school was because of a bad recommendation. After confronting Sam and having his letter rescinded Casey is accepted into CRU law but she decides she does want to stay after all. Sam was in law school with Casey and had a crush on her throughout the semester. When she rejected him for Cappie he gave her a bad recommendation so she couldn’t get into the school she wanted most. After moving to New York, Ashleigh realizes her internship was not what she expected. Rebecca is now president of ZBZ and Calvin is dealing with his new presidential position. What will become of all the friends now that everyone is growing up and moving on with their lives?