Charlie Sheen is all about WINNING

Imran Ahmed, Web Editor

After losing his job on the hit series, Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen has decided to take his rage and talents throughout the nation in a tour called My Violent Torpedo of Truth: Defeat is not an Option. After the first tour in Detroit he was harshly criticized by the audience and critics being that his performance didn’t involve much though, the basis was of him ranting to the audience with his two “goddesses” accompanying him on stage. This didn’t fare well with the audience. After the train wreck of a performance, Sheen took his talents to the Windy City where his shows received most positive feedback until the two radio talk show hosts start asking Sheen vulgar and personal questions about his life.
The two shows in Chicago and Detroit were learning experiences for Sheen as he has really won over the crowd in the last 4-5 shows. Tonight he hits the stage at the St. Pete Times Forum hoping to win over a crowd that has been anticipating a night filled with entertainment. Sheen’s new formula for a successful show involves a second comedian, Jeff Ross roasting the troubled superstar along with Sheen providing the audience with his own monologue and then Ross pulling out 10 members from the audience giving them the opportunity to ask Sheen a question. So far it’s been a successful formula for a good show as Sheen has been at the center of scrutiny and hatred from much of the country for his antics leading to one of America’s most watch comedies being put on hiatus and the future of the show being jeopardized.