The queen of daytime TV says goodbye after 25 years.

Taylor Rowland, Staff Writer

Everyone’s mother at one time or another has tuned in to the Oprah Winfrey Show. She has ruled  daytime TV ever since her show first aired in 1986. Her show has been so popular over the years because she has had such a variety of guests and topics discussed on her show, ranging from Sarah Jessica Parker and the Sex in the City movie premiere to Nelson Mandela, Diana Ross, and white supremacy. There is a show for everyone that everyone will be interested in.

   It is a very big deal that on Wednesday, May 25th Oprah’s last show will be aired. She has been a very influential woman in American society that many people have looked up to and have admired for 25 years. Much like the old saying, “when one door closes another opens,” with the close of her daytime TV show, the opening of her own network, OWN, is beginning and is on channel 20. It will feature some of the guests on her show like Dr. Oz, who will give nutrition and health tips and Suzie Orman, who is a money savvy guru.

   Not only is she an important figure in the American society; she is known worldwide and highly respected. She is a wise woman who has given advice to all her viewers over the years. She also has a huge heart and a couple times a year hosts her Oprah’s favorite things show. In these episodes she tells her viewers about her recent favorite products and gives them away to her audience. She also has a wildest dreams come true show where viewers write in about people they think are deserving of having their dreams fulfilled. On one of these shows she reunited a family from Rwanda who hasn’t seen each other in 12 years due to the violence that took place in that country.

    Oprah is a great woman who has changed lives and made dreams come true, but it is time to say good bye…but not for long! While we won’t be able to see her on her show on NBC we will get to tune in to her own network. Oprah isn’t done yet.