Jingle Ball lineup sure to please FLZ fans

Erin Wronka, Editor-in-Chief

The holiday season brings us some of the most festive events of the whole year and hit radio station 93.3 FLZ has followed this lead once again. Two years ago, the Top 40 station introduced its first Jingle Ball concert event in Tampa, where several famous artists appeared to perform their hit songs. Since then, FLZ set the precedent to hold a bigger and better Jingle Ball every year at the St. Pete Times Forum. The lineup for the 2011 Jingle Ball on December 11 was announced last week and is sure to predict the best holiday concert held by 93.3 yet.

                One of the biggest artists performing a set at this year’s Jingle Ball is rapper Pitbull. Known mostly for his solos featured in almost every hit single on the radio, this artist always puts out an upbeat, catchy performance. Over the summer, his single “Give Me Everything”, featuring Ne-Yo, easily was one of the top party picks of the season and continues to take over the radio. Other songs accredited to Pitbull include “Hotel Room Service”, “I Know You Want Me,” “Krazy,” and other dance tunes he’ll be sure to perform at Jingle Ball.

                Accompanying many of the performers this year at the concert is DJ David Guetta. His beats make up many Top 40 songs such as “Club Can’t Even Handle Me,” “Without You,” and several more that are known for being some of the best dance songs. It will be interesting to see what David Guetta will be up to at Jingle Ball.

                To make the girls swoon, “Celtic soul trio” The Script is scheduled to appear at this year’s concert. Though they’ve been around since 2001, the band’s song “Breakeven” in 2010 is what put them on the map in America. Their lyrics and music hits close to home for many people because of the realistic scenarios they often portray, so their performance is surely something to see.

              For those teeny boppers purchasing tickets to Jingle Ball, 93.3 scheduled boy band Big Time Rush to perform at the show. The band made their names by premiering their hit television show on Nickelodeon in 2009 and are arguably the new Jonas Brothers of pop music.

                A few years ago, singer Demi Lovato could be placed under the childish category of Big Time Rush, but at this point in time, the 19 year old is anything but. After Lovato’s breakdown and struggle with her eating disorder, many assumed she was done being in the spotlight, but this past summer she made her way back. Her single “Skyscraper” hit Top 40 radio stations and people have definitely noticed the Disney star mature. Her appearance at Jingle Ball is sure to be an inspiring one.

                R&B singer Jason Derulo made his name two years ago with his song “Whatcha Say” and is still a solid regular on Top 40 stations. With the release of his new CD, Derulo has already had two hit singles off of it, so his performance at Jingle Ball will have everyone singing along.

                The band Cobra Starship have had some songs on the radio, but none as successful as their single “You Make me Feel” featuring Sabi. It should be interesting to see how this band performs at Jingle Ball without Sabi singing the most catchy part of the song, but concert goers may end up pleasantly surprised.

                 The lineup this year at 93.3 FLZ’s Jingle Ball is the perfect variety that any Top 40 listener is sure to enjoy. From the mellow sounds of The Script to the techno beats of David Guetta, it is a show that cannot be missed this holiday season.