The life of a celeb

Erin Wronka, Editor-in-Chief

Most of us consider a job to be something that requires our labor in order to earn a decent paycheck. Whether it is that part time job at the grocery store or a lifelong career, the way to make money is by using our skills in some kind of work environment. With this in mind, it’s interesting to even attempt fathoming what it’s like to be an actor or singer whose only task to get paid is to do what they love. Not only is that all their work consists of, but along with it comes an entourage of people to meet their each and every need, as if what they do is as laborious as slaving away in a mine field. While I would never turn down the chance to try out the whole stardom thing, I have to wonder if in the end that’s how I’d want to actually live my life. It’s funny to me that a lot of celebrities say they are down to earth; after a certain amount of time of living so privileged, how could they possibly be?

My contemplation of all this stems from my experience on a true Hollywood movie set at St. Petersburg Beach in Florida, where the 2013 film Spring Breakers was being shot. The story line of the movie revolves around college girls on their spring break trip, played by none other than actresses Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, and newbie Rachel Korine. I was allowed on set twice to be an extra in the party scenes of the upcoming flick, but I learned more than just how to mime conversation and fake shout.

At several points, I found myself just steps away from the actresses. While they did feel like “one of us” at first, the more I listened in to their conversation, the more I realized just how doted on they truly are. We were out in direct sunlight, so while the rest of us extras were counting on sunblock and sunglasses to protect us, the real talent had an umbrella held over them by a crew member. They never had to lift a finger to keep that umbrella up, and I’m sure none of them got an ounce of sunburn or even a tan. As I stood there in between filming, I legitimately could not take my eyes off the actresses because it was so fascinating to witness their day at “work.” At one point, a handheld fan popped out of nowhere for them, as well as ice pops to help keep them even cooler. I also heard Selena Gomez simply say, “I’m thirsty” and a selection of Gatorade and water came out of thin air before I even realized she had meant it as somewhat of a demand.

I do believe that acting or singing has to be challenging because of the pressure put on to impress millions of people. But at the same time, what kind of message is it sending to hand celebrities anything they need at a moment’s notice? Seeing it happen in person, I found myself a tad disappointed by the actresses. I like to believe celebrities aren’t lying when they say they are just a normal person, but when you’re having an umbrella held for you, it kind of contradicts that theory. I still like the actresses I met that day and give them credit for their acting skills, yet I can’t help but think it may just be even more fulfilling for them if they could go without those perks. Call me jealous, but I like to think the average person has more of an appreciation for things by having to earn them. By being a true celebrity, you really must lose a huge sense of reality.