The Little Liars are back

The Little Liars are back

Though the second part of the premiere did not live up to the Halloween episode, viewers hope more will come in future episodes.

Honor Woodward, Staff Writer

The day millions of teenage girls have been waiting for has finally arrived. No, it isn’t a crazy sale at the local mall or the keys to a shiny new car. It is the premiere of the hit television drama Pretty Little Liars. After waiting almost 70 days since the show’s haunting Halloween episode “This is a Dark Ride”, viewers welcomed Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer back to the big screen for the Season 3, Part 2 premiere.

            This week’s episode “She’s Better Now,” was packed full of punches. The show opens with a newly released and seemingly –key word, seemingly- innocent Mona back at Rosewood High School. And as usual, she’s up to no good. Mona begs the “little liars” and the rest of her peers to accept her into their social circle and forgive her. The girls are cautiously friendly with Mona, up until the moment she was seen cuddling up to the brother of the murder victim- Jason DiLaurentis. Along with Mona’s return, Aria’s father Byron may have had something to do with Ali’s death. The show suggests some sort of blackmail between the two regarding a love affair, but “I guess we’ll just have to wait and see,” said sophomore Monica Everton. The strange relationship between Ali and Byron was revealed to the girls via Ali’s diary. Oddly enough, the diary was in the hands of the creepy Lost Woods Resort manager and new Rosewood High janitor-whom the Liars were introduced to in Season 2.


            While millions of viewers were thrilled to have the show back, the Part 2 premiere didn’t exactly measure up to the Halloween episode. Senior Courtney Grigsby thought the episode was “missing a few things” and “not as dramatic.” However, sophomore Faith Stewart is looking on the bright side of things. She believes that this episode “is a transition episode that will lead to a greater episode,” and that the episode “still revealed a lot of things even though it wasn’t super climatic.” There’s never a dull moment for the Little Liars and the writers behind the show certainly have their audience dying to know what will happen next.