New season of the Bachelor begins; so does the drama

New season of the Bachelor begins; so does the drama

After bachelorette Emily broke his heart, Sean is back to try to find true love.

Courtney Grigsby, Staff Writer

The last season of the Bachelorette resulted in Sean Lowe, the epitome of a southern gentleman and All-American from Dallas, Texas, having his heart broken when single mom, Emily Maynard sent him home so she was left with her two potential fiancés.  All of the fans of this popular TV show were just as blindsided and devastated as Sean, and this is what helped bring on the idea of him becoming the next bachelor.  Sean has learned a lot from his difficult break up with Emily, and since then he has really committed himself to the idea of raising a family and having a special someone to love and cherish forever.  Well, we all know the relationships always work out on the Bachelor, right? Sadly, the number of prevailing couples is not in the show’s favor but Trista and Ryan Sutter beg to differ.  They have been together ever since the first season of the show and have kids of their own now.

            While Sean has his heart in the right place and great intentions, are all of the eligible women here for love as well?  The first three episodes have made it clear whether the most outgoing contestants are here to be on TV for both fame and a free vacation or if they  are actually really sweet, genuine, and looking to find love and a potential husband. The first impression really set the tone for the night and helped Sean figure out quickly who was there for the right reasons. 

The women that stayed sober and took the time to get to know him and really opened up and talked to him made great first impressions while those that strutted in wedding dresses, stumbled around and danced due to having a few too many drinks, and attempted to do front flips after leaving the limo to meet up with Sean missed the mark and went home for the most part.  Many of the women redeemed themselves after their first impression, like Lindsay who showed up in a wedding dress and jumped the gun early on.  Sean was alarmed with how quickly she implied their possible happy ending at first, but her bubbly personality and genuine compassion won her three roses and she still remains on the show.

            Sarah, a really sweet girl who is missing an arm due to complications before she was born, opened up to Sean about her condition and was pleasantly surprised that he claimed that he thought no differently of her than the other girls and thought she was just as beautiful.  She loves a good adventure and she proved in when she took a leap of faith and bungee jumped hand in hand with Sean off a 37-story high building.  Lesley is a very daring and flirtatious girl and not afraid of being put on the spot and she holds a Guinness world record to show for it.  She and Sean beat the previous record for the longest on screen kiss by one second at the time of three minutes and sixteen seconds.  Desiree a more witty, fun, and lively girl with a good personality went on a very interesting date which involved him pulling a prank on her while at a pre-set up art gallery.  Sean pretended he had to step out for a moment for an interview while Desiree waited feeling anxious for his return while the supposed $1.5 million center-piece came crashing to the floor and shattered to pieces.  She was mortified and Sean felt bad and came to her rescue and thanked her for being such a good sport and she definitely proved she can take a joke.  The most despised and disliked girl of the season so far is Tierra.  All of the other girls think she is “fake” and not there for the right reasons and just wants to prove she can beat the other girls and turn it into a competition.  She isn’t messing around either.  Tierra supposedly fell down the stairs, and while it seems possible she could have, the fact that she turned down any medical assistance and attention says otherwise and she was perfectly fine with receiving Sean’s sympathetic attention and taking away another girl’s time for her scheduled date.  This has proven to be a drama filled, interesting season so far and hopefully Sean makes the right decision that helps him reach the point Ryan and Trista have and find his future wife.