The Big Show

The Big Show

MacFarlane's hosting impressed viewers and award recipients alike.

Danny Havican, Staff Writer

After a year of simply fantastic films, the 85th annual Academy Awards was a big hit. Officially known as the Oscars now, the celebration took place in Los Angeles, California this year. The host for the show was Seth MacFarlane, known for being the producer of the cartoon, Family Guy. Throughout the night, it seemed as if the big winners were either from Les Miserables, Argo, Lincoln, or Life of Pi


        The movie Les Miserables finished the night with two Oscars. They

received them for being the best makeup and hairstyles as well as the

best sound mixing. The cast of the movie also sang a song at the

ceremony that received a standing ovation. Argo finished with three

Oscars, the most prestigious of them being the award for Best Picture. Senior Mark Salem thought the film deserved the Oscar, “Argo is one of the best movies I have ever seen.” Lincoln won one award as well but the movie with the most honors for the night was Life of Pi, which finished with four Oscars. The movie received best cinematography, best music, best visual

effects, and best directing. 


        Many actors and actresses got recognized for their outstanding

performances in films as well. Best actor in a lead role went to Daniel

Day-Lewis from Lincoln while the Best actress in the lead role was

given to Jennifer Lawrence from Silver Linings Playbook. Junior Thomas Dieffentholler was very happy with the results, “Both Daniel Day-Lewis and Jennifer Lawrence were phenomenal in their respective movies,” he said. The best supporting actor and actress were Christoph Waltz of Django Unchained

and Anne Hathaway of Les Miserables respectively. 


        Overall, the 85th annual Academy Awards were a big hit with a lot of

laughs and entertainment from the viewers watching it on television. Seth MacFarlane did a great job hosting according to actress Jennifer Lawrence. “I thought he (MacFarlane) was great. I thought he was hilarious,” she said. Hopefully the movies of 2013 will be able to stump the incredible movies of 2012. With movies such as Anchorman 2 and the sequel to The Hobbit, it should be a great movie year.