Austin Powers 4 in the works


Mike Myers is set to reprise his shagadelic role.

Steve Aebersold, Entertainment Editor

Fans expect a huge return to the spotlight as Mike Myers stars in the fourth chapter of the Austin Powers series.

It’s been over a decade since the last Austin Powers movie, and this year a fourth film is due to release.  Austin Powers 4 will see the return of Mike Myers, after his recent movie flops in the third and fourth Shrek films and also The Love Guru.  Myers hasn’t provided audiences with the unforgettable humor he produced earlier in his career, and many are excited that the new Austin Powers film will bring the old, “shagadelic” Mike Myers back to his prime.

The movie will probably take another name once it is closer to being released, and it will be another James Bond spoof.  A lot is still unknown about the characters and actors in the movie, but it is likely that many of the previous characters will return, especially Verne Troyer as Mini Me, Seth Greene as Scott Evil, Michael Caine as Nigel Powers.  Multiple celebrity appearances and cameos can also be expected.  There also must be a female companion of Austin Powers; however, it is not yet known who will play the role. 

Although it is not yet certain who will play supporting roles in the new movie, the most important news has already been released.  Mike Myers has officially signed on to play the role of Austin Powers, which is essential for the film as most fans could never imagine a different actor in his role.  It is highly likely that he will also play Dr. Evil and other supporting roles, just like in the first three movies.

Many students are big Austin Powers fans, especially senior Sami Rahman, who said of the film “I can’t wait for Austin Powers 4 to be released.  I have seen all the other movies over and over, and can basically recite every line.  I think it would be awesome if they spoofed a more recent James Bond film, either Casino Royale or Quantum of Solace.”

The movie’s plot is still unknown to most, but there are rumors that the story will be told entirely from Dr. Evil’s point of view, which has never been done in the Austin Powers series.  A lot of aspects of Austin Powers 4 still seem to be up in the air, but it is already generating quite a buzz among Mike Myers fans.  Many people are looking forward to this movie, and it is expected to have a fantastic turnout in theaters later this year.