Not The Grammys, Not The MTV Music Awards but The Billboard Music Awards


The audience did not seem to think that Justin Beiber deserved his Milestone Award.

Hannah Flynn, Guest Writer

The Billboard music awards aired May 19th on ABC and if you missed it, here is a recap. Overall, this year’s Billboard awards were just plain crazy! From Miguel’s (literally) crushing performance to Justin Bieber being heckled as he received his Milestone award, it was an interesting show.

                There was a pretty prevalent theme to this years show: the 80’s! Believe it or not, the 80’s are coming back. Bruno Mars contributed to this theme by decking out his performance stage with a disco ball and his usual vintage self, singing his song “Treasure.” The next bit of evidence of the 80’s in this year’s awards was a performance by Prince (which lasted a solid ten minutes) who really channeled the 80’s and was a real fan favorite performance. Prince took the crowd by performing “Let’s Go Crazy” and “FixUrLifeUp.”

                Now for the awards! I am sure it’s no shock that Taylor Swift was the biggest winner of the night. Leaving with eight awards out of her 11 nominations, Taylor Swift sure is doing something right. Taylor left with Top Artist, Top Female Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Digital Songs Artist, Top Country Artist, Top Billboard 200 Album, Top Country Album and Top Country Song. Next, Justin Bieber was voted by his fans for the first ever Milestone award. It is no doubt that Justin Bieber has a lot of fans, but there were not so many in the audience because he got booed. Bieber beat Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift for this new award.  Along with the Milestone award, Justin received Top Male Artist and Top Social Artist.

                When I mentioned that Miguel’s performance was crushing, I was not kidding. That is where things started to go downhill. Miguel landed on two young women in his attempt to stage dive into a mosh pit off the side of the stage and landed on one girl’s head and the other’s neck on the other side of the mosh pit. It was painful to watch. Let’s hope he learned what not to do in a performance.

                Now it is time for the fashion! The biggest winner of the night, Taylor Swift, showed up very lovely in a short blue metallic like dress with her hair pulled back into a classic Taylor Swift pony tail. Nicki Minaj walked the red carpet in a very abnormal Nicki Minaj outfit. Nicki Minaj is usually in some bizarre outfit with crazy colored hair; however, at the Billboard awards, she was looking very classy in a long red gown with her hair simply curly and blonde. “Nicki looked really out of the ordinary… but pretty,” said Ally Rodriguez.

                The Billboard awards honor the greatest albums, songs and artists of a whole year. This year’s awards did that pretty well while still contributing to older artists and their music. Justin Bieber got booed, Miguel crushed some fans and Taylor Swift won her usual array of awards. I would say that this years awards were a success.