Suicide Squad- fan favorite, critics hate it

The squad, from zeroes to heroes?

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The squad, from zeroes to heroes?

Sandy Hutchins, Staff Writer

DC’s biggest villain?  Critics

On Saturday, August 6th I was on my way to the Countryside Mall, excited to see the new blockbuster Suicide Squad. I was excited because despite what critics had said my friends who had seen it the day before had loved it. But before I was able to see the movie I had to find my way through the labyrinth that is Sears. Once I had made it to the Cobb, my worst fear that the movie would be sold out was washed away. I met up with my friends and headed into the theatre.

To start things off, since the movie had been just released, combined with the fact that we were arriving a few minutes before it started, the only seats that were available were in the very front row that is designed to give you neck problems. Despite the bad seating, I was ready to watch the cinematic masterpiece that lay before me.

Early on into the movie one thing became apparent, that its soundtrack is phenomenal. The soundtrack effectively created an atmosphere that fit the movie to a tee. The music varied from “Without Me” by Eminem to “Bohemian Rhapsody” performed by Panic! At the Disco. When a laugh was needed, the soundtrack became very light and happy; however, when there was a big reveal or a dramatic scene, the music turned more ominous and appropriate for the moment. A good soundtrack is the foundation for a good movie.

The movie also featured several A-list celebrities, such as Will Smith and Ben Affleck in a cameo as Batman. Joining them was also Margot Robbie as the Joker’s crazy girlfriend, Harley Quinn. Robbie is able to lose just enough of her sanity to match that of Harley Quinn’s. However, in contrast with the opinions of my friends and myself, there was a lot of criticism from the critics. Even I have to admit though their dissatisfaction is well deserved, because even such a casual movie goer such as myself could sense some lines were just plain forced and the movie has quite a simplistic plot. Besides those issues the movie is a great, crude, laugh out loud experience with a couple of standout scenes. In my opinion and as many of you will see, the Diablo fight is phenomenally filmed. It is a movie you have to see.