The dramatic change in songs over time

How songs went from having meaningful and impactful lyrics to songs that contain no purpose whatsoever.


The world-wide recognized cover album of the Beatles “Abbey Road” that was released in 1969 and has remained to be one of the greatest albums in the history of classic-rock.

Cristina Himelhoch, Staff Writer

Music has been a method of expression for thousands of years dating back to the time period of American Indians and African Natives who used music in its simplest form. The first instrument-like objects were a form of drums that were used during religious ceremonies. Since then, music has dramatically changed and the innovation of instruments has grown immensely. Fast-forwarding to the 1960s, when the famous group of musicians who called themselves the Beatles became popular, music was at its peak. The music industry boomed as more people attended concerts and listened to the radio. Music became more of social and cultural event with the emergence of “pop music.” The songs that the Beatles created are still heard today and go down in history as one of the most famous and successful groups. But, nowadays, the music that is heard on the radio, and has become “popular” has not nearly come close to the popularity of the Beatles.


Present-day music has a short-term life of fame. Songs will come out and become “top hits” one week, and by the next month have fallen to the bottom of the list and become forgotten. This commonly occurs to artists such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj. A lot of their songs became overplayed on the radio and become annoying due to their lack of meaningful lyrics. The lyrics that fill songs today are useless and even seem stupid. How it is that songs that say “you used to call me on my cellphone” and “I need a one dance” become popular is beyond comprehension, but somehow they are all teens listen to these days. I, too, am guilty of listening to songs that make no grammatical sense and that are almost impossible to understand the actual words that are being sung. The thing that makes these songs catchy are the melodies and complex electronic sounds.


These songs that are being produced recently don’t have the lasting impact that songs that my parents used to listen to did. Most artists these days lack the natural talent that is vital for a musical career and rely on auto tuning to make their voices appear to be perfect. The songs that my parents would listen to are still around today, such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Neil Diamond’s “I’m a Believer”, while a song that I listened to a year ago has disappeared into the memories of every teen my age. Music is something that is supposed to be full of expression and emotion, but today is lacking those qualities. Although the quality of these popular songs have changed, the basic principles and uses of music have remained the same. Music has even become an extremely beneficial form of therapy for children that have special needs. It has still remained an important part of American culture and has changed and shaped the lives of numerous people.