The Bachelor premiere


Cristina Himelhoch, Staff Writer

The Bachelor is a well-known TV show that premiered its 21st season on the second of January on ABC. The show revolves around one man throughout the season that gets to know 30 women but only chooses one to marry in the end. Each episode ends with a rose ceremony where the bachelor must eliminate some of the women. Now, are these shows really where true love is discovered? Considering the show is most likely all staged, I seriously doubt it. But, some of the couples in the past have remained married for an extended period of time. So, of course, the audience takes this small percentage dear to their hearts in hopes that each bachelor and bachelorette will find true love in the end.

This season, the bachelor is a familiar face, Nick Viall. Nick has a history of being on these shows, as this will be his fourth time attempting to find love and live happily ever after.  This guy must be very determined as he claimed on Monday night to be doing whatever it takes (even being on the show four times) to find love.  This season began with some interesting circumstances, including women dressing up in ridiculous costumes, using terrible pickup lines, and even crying.  This show has been notorious for dramatic entrances and that was certainly the case this season.  One woman named Alexis arrived to the house in a shark costume. The worst part wasn’t even the shark costume; it was her persistence in informing everyone that it was a dolphin costume. She stayed in this costume the whole night and even got into the pool with the costume on. Another woman named Lacey arrived on a camel to the house. Apparently this was a brilliant plan since all the other women watched in jealousy, wishing they had thought of that idea. One of the biggest scandals was Liz, who had previously slept with Nick after the wedding of Jade and Tanner.  There were many other horribly embarrassing entrances, but thankfully, in the end, Nick gave the first impression rose to a classy, sophisticated, beautiful woman named Rachel. So far, the bachelor has found some normalcy in a chaos of craziness.