Brand new Netflix original- 13 Reasons Why

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The premiere of the show was on March 31st and it is gaining popularity because of the content thanks to the bestselling status of the novel.

Cristina Himelhoch, Staff Writer

Netflix has recently released a new Netflix original series to add to the collection. This new show consists of one season with 13 episodes. The show is called 13 Reasons Why and is based off of the book written by Jay Asher. In the book, a young teenage girl named Hannah commits suicide. She leaves 13 tapes for 13 people that affected her life and are part of the reason why she killed herself. One of those people is Clay Jensen, who listens to the tapes throughout the show. The book exposes the contents of the 13 tapes and so does the Netflix Original show. The show stars Katherine Langford as Hannah and Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen.

So far, the acting is very good and the show is interesting and attention grabbing. The plot is intriguing and makes you want to watch more episodes to find out what character is next out of the 13 tapes. Senior Katie Werner states, “It’s one of my favorite shows on Netflix right now. Each episode is a new story of its own full of drama, comedy, mystery, and romance. It’s like an emotional roller coaster in every episode and the actors are amazing. It’s completely addicting though so don’t start watching it unless you’re willing to watch for hours!”  The first episode began with the average life of Clay Jensen. Very quickly, the plot develops as we are informed about Hannah’s suicide. Then, when Clay gets home from school, he receives a package in the mail containing the tapes. He turns on the tape using his dad’s old boom box, and hears Hannah’s voice and is in shock. As he continues to listen to the tape, he realizes that he was given these tapes because he was a part of Hannah’s life. As the episode continues, he finds out about the stories of other people from his school who have done things that negatively affected Hannah. The episodes continue to develop this same chilling plot line.