Let’s Play Live 2017 experience


Adam Egan

Let’s Play live was a crazy experience unlike anything I’ve ever done

Adam Egan , Staff Writer

We live in a pretty crazy day and age with the fact that this type of event is even a thing, and I absolutely love it. On YouTube, a company called Rooster Teeth exists as kind of a facilitator of a number of extremely popular channels. The company helps fund some of the projects or ideas that some of the channels might have, as well as organizing some of the crazy events like the one I was fortunate enough to attend a few days ago. “Funhaus” is a channel that works for Rooster Teeth, and I’ve been a bit of a diehard fan of everything they have done since about 7th grade. Hearing that they would be coming to Tampa, Florida had me absolutely ecstatic.

The event that Rooster Teeth organized was called “Let’s Play Live,” where fans could get to see their favorite content creators in person as well as watch them conduct a pretty crazy show. The event consisted of two channels (Funhaus and Achievement Hunter) who would alternate on the stage playing games in some pretty crazy ways. One example that really stuck out is that both channels played a cooking game while at least one of their members had to be making sandwiches as fast as they could. I had never seen anything like this performed in front of so many people before so it was a pretty crazy experience. One of my favorite moments had to be when the YouTubers all dressed up in ridiculous wrestling costumes and proceeded to fight each other while playing a wresting game. I’ve got to give these guys credit for putting on an amazing show based around a bunch of buddies getting together and playing video games.

I really can’t stress enough how different of an experience this was then anything else I’ve done before. Watching the guys I have laughed at for years live with a roaring crowd was pretty surreal. I’ll always support everything these guys do and I’m extremely happy I got to see them in person.