Will A.I. be like Jarvis or Hal?


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I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Sandy Hutchins, Sports Editor

From the innocent and happy perspective in W.A.L.L.E to the murderous and uncontrollable robots in I, Robot, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is obviously a very hot topic with today’s advancements in technology. With A.I. no longer being a possibility just in the far future, the debate has heated up over whether its rise will be beneficial to humanity or if it will end the human race as we know it.

This topic has been the basis for many movies over the years. And even the movies can’t seem to agree on whether it is bad or not. Some notable movies on the doomsday side are The Matrix with Agent Smith, Terminator with Skynet and, well, Terminator, and one of the most important 2001: The Space Odyssey with Hal.  Some notable movies that show the helpful side of A.I. are Star Trek with Data, Iron Man with Jarvis, and Interstellar with TARS. The main fear behind A.I. is that if it is truly a self-thinking system, it will recognize that either it shouldn’t be in servitude or believe like Hal, when she tried to kill off the astronauts for trying to deactivate her and therefore “jeopardize the mission,” that what they are doing is right. Either way the fear is that the machines will no longer listen to humans and may even decide to kill humans. Being machines, they most likely will be smarter than us as humans. The supporting side argues that A.I. could help humanity in taking over much of our work in all areas, especially menial labor.

Recently it has been a topic of intense discussion not only in movies but also between  billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Musk believes that A.I. is very dangerous and insists that Zuckerberg has very limited knowledge of the subject, while Zuckerberg believes that it is good and the naysayers and to doomsayers are irresponsibly creating a negative idea of A.I. This battle of words has been waged over the well-trodden battlefield of twitter.

Whoever is right only time will tell; as in everything so far, we as humans have kept on chugging onward even in face of naysayers such as Luddites. Let’s hope for the sake of humanity that the truth is closer to Jarvis then it is to Skynet.