Alternative music

Photo of Tyler Joseph at NBT 2016.

Photo provided by Tampa Bay Times

Photo of Tyler Joseph at NBT 2016.

Logan Tronio, Staff Writer

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The start of the new quarter starts new beginnings for grades and web article series.  This quarter, we’ll cover some of the most popular music genres of the modern day. First we are going to start with Alternative and Indie, which is one of my personal favorites as it encompasses a large variety of artists and messages they convey in their music. Alternative has somewhat replaced the typical rock that dominated the early 2000’s charts. Alternative is often referred to as a softer, more meaningful genre, as it uses lighter tones and tempos. It has a “love it or hate it” style that has definitely categorized its audience. Alternative’s recent gain in popularity can mainly be attributed to Twenty One Pilots or TOP as they are known and their numerous songs that sat at the top of the charts. This drew more attention to other alternative bands and increased the genre’s popularity. This rise follows trendy bands from the 80s such as The Smiths and the Dead Kennedys, who have paved the way for past generations, which has sparked and been the influence for these new rising bands.  Now bands such as Panic! At the Disco and Fitz and the Tantrums have grown in popularity as new listeners have decided to try this other music after being opened up by TOP. Now as the public has shown their increased liking to some of the many alternative bands whose music has been popping up in movies such as Suicide Squad amongst others. Songs such as “It’s Alright” by Matt and Kim have appeared in recent car advertising, which has grown the popularity of the song and makes the commercial memorable for consumers. As alternative has made its way into society, more concerts such as NBT and Backyard Barbecue have been created to compensate for the music’s recent growth.

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