The rise of the drone industry

Logan Tronio, Staff Writer

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Since 2016 when Amazon jump started drone interest, there have been many different opinions regarding their use. But as the years have passed, the opinions have been somewhat silenced as the public awaits for the use of drone to be fully implemented by the online delivery company. Following their testing done in Europe and the subsequent successfulness as the drones we able to reach the intended destination and deliver the product with little to no issues. Following this exciting news from Amazon they have brought their testing to the US, with the newest area available to drone delivery being Boston. As they add more countries to their list of testing sites as they gain data on their “sense and avoid” technology.

All of this testing has begun to interest other companies in the drone industry and how it can benefit their company. Many argue drones and other unmanned robots can help with deliveries in large cities, as they eliminate traffic of large conventional delivery trucks and services. They see it as new way to reach customers and to expand their company. As this becomes a new venture more companies such as restaurants are specifically looking to cash in on this new delivery.  I believe this can be a very profitable outlook for these prospective companies because of the large population of consumers who like to do most purchases from home, and trust can cater to them. This could be especially benefit people in both rural and city regions, because of the distance the drones can travel, and this in turn opens these businesses to more revenue and consumers. This can be seen as good news for many as we will have more opportunities to have short time delivery. This can be seen as an improvement for some, but others argue that it limits human interaction. But will have to see as these new systems take place but only time will tell.

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The rise of the drone industry