Lady Gaga, A Nun, and a Mystery

Is a Star going to be born or will they fail like so many? Will a nun’s dark side leave us shaking or will she leave us in a sea of boredom? Could this be an unpredictable puzzle or just another movie of the “missing person”?

Photos: credited to IMDb

Photos: credited to IMDb

Madison Stites, Staff Writer

Normally, a pop star, a religious figure, and a conundrum don’t show up together, yet sometimes odd subjects can relate. Recently, trailers of A Star Is Born, The Nun, and A Simple Favor have been repeatedly played in theaters and posted on social media. Their approaching release dates leave the perfect time to speculate on their potential success or possible fails. These films all bring in an aspect that seems promising, whether it be the potential for a good scare, a desirable romance, or a great mystery.

The soon to be released dramatic romance, A Star Is Born, may seem slightly shocking. The trailer depicts a young, inexperienced singer falling in love with a famous musician, who helps her find her own way to fame, while he struggles with his own issues. For the most part, the film seems to follow the basic story line for any romance/ drama. It’s the cast that comes as a shocker. For the first time Lady Gaga makes an appearance as one of the main roles in a film, yet, one would struggle to know it is her because of how normal she looks. Furthermore, it is seemingly an unlikely pairing of Lady Gaga with Bradley Cooper, her costar and romantic partner in this romance film. It will be interesting to see whether her acting skills can match that of her vocal skills, and whether this film will be able to set itself apart or if it will fall into a long line of generic dramatic romances.

Another upcoming film, is in the horror genre, called The Nun. For any horror fans this motion picture seems extremely appealing with its exciting trailer, that includes a frightening jump scare. The Nun, is a spin-off of the demonic nun who made its debut in the Conjuring 2. The story of this motion picture is that of a priest who is investigating the death of a nun in Romania, where he will find himself meeting the demonic presence previously mentioned. This storyline is full of potential and will hopefully match up to the Conjuring films it is spun from.  However, like all horror films, it could end up lacking in the most important criteria, which is the level of terror it creates. The motion picture is released to theaters September 6 and will hopefully reach the goal of a good storyline, yet enough scares to leave the audience shaking.

The final filmed to be mentioned will meet the release date of September 14. A Simple Favor, depicts a mystery, following a woman that goes missing in a small town, and her best friend seeking out the secrets behind her suspicious departure. Featuring both Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively the story seems to create a flowering curiosity and the likeliness of an intriguing enigma. The film hopefully will meet its expectations of those who are interested. Nonetheless, it could unfortunately be like another episode of CSI. Yet, just like the other two films it will hopefully involve several unforeseen and unique scenes that set it apart from other films in its genre, making it both original and worth a raving applause.