Troye Sivan concert review

Marley Burwell, Features Editor

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Music is one thing that can bring people together. The best place to meet new people that share similar interests with you is at a concert. Not only can you listen to your favorite artist live, you can have a ton of fun with the people you went with and the people around you. The feeling in the room of a concert is so positive and uplifting because everyone is happy to be there, which is a rare occasion. There is nothing better than feeling positive vibes all around. This is exactly what it was like at the Troye Sivan concert on September 28th at the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg.

The concert started off strong with amazing opening acts from the artist Leland, known for song writing for other artists along with his song called “Mattress,” and Kim Petras, known for her song “Heart to Break.” The audience was already loving the music at that point and getting even more excited for the main act. There was of course the break in between the opening acts and the main act, which is really hard to wait through. Eventually, Troye Sivan made his appearance and the crowd was not disappointed.

This was Troye Sivan’s Bloom Tour, named after his new album. He sang a lot of songs off of that album, such as “Animal,” “The Good Side,” and “Dance to This.” Throughout all these songs, the audience was singing along and dancing. I probably looked like a fool dancing and singing, but I’m pretty sure everyone in that room looked just as odd as I did.

Not only did he perform songs from the new album, but also songs from his first album, Blue Neighborhood were sing as well. Hit songs such as “WILD” and “FOOLS” were performed. There were no complaints from me, or the rest of the audience, about the set list. It was such a positive environment and probably the best concert feeling I’ve had. The feeling was even better than at the Sam Smith concert earlier this year, which is shocking to say.

The only bad thing about the night was the security lady telling everyone in the area I was in that we weren’t allowed to take pictures or videos. But, I mean, when you have a theater full of teenagers with cell phones and determination, how is a security guard really going to stop them? So, even though the security guard was annoying, she did not destroy the night.

The concert lasted for a good amount of time and then it was time for the encore. The audience never stopped screaming for Troye Sivan to come back. When he did come back he joked that he doesn’t even know why he tries to fake leaving when we all know he’s coming back. He then sang his first single off the album, “My My My.” There was not a single person not singing and dancing in that room, except maybe the grumpy security guard.

This was truly a night to never forget. Good songs, good people, a cool concert t-shirt (which was overpriced at $40 but worth it), and memories to last forever. This was definitely my favorite concert I have ever attended. Everyone should check out Troye Sivan’s music, because it is amazing and life changing.

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Troye Sivan concert review