Fourth time’s a Charm – Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Fourth time’s a Charm – Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Brandon Ottaviano, Staff Writer

The arrival of the year’s hottest game is upon us. The Black Ops franchise has been a fan favorite in the Call of Duty community, with Black Ops 2 being arguably one of the best of all time. Bringing maps like Nuketown, Slums, Raid, and Standoff, it was one of the best EVER. Black Ops 4 brings a whole new multiplayer experience in the form of healing, with the opportunity to inject yourself with a needle mid gunfight to be able to heal back up to full health. Stim Shot, an equipment option, allows you to heal quite quickly, which opens up the ability to rush enemies with reckless abandon. Specialists are back in Black Ops 4, with unique abilities and specials that range from calling in an attack dog to deploying extra health for the whole team. Black Ops 4 also continues the Black Ops Zombies experience. Following the Aether storyline started back in the early 2000s with Call of Duty: World at War, Black Ops 4 brings two new maps at launch. Blood of the Dead, a follow up to the fan favorite Mob of the Dead zombies’ map in BO2, wraps up lots of loose ends in the paradoxically entangled storyline. Classified, the remake to BO1 map Five, follows up on the alternate dimension timelines by also sewing up a few loose patches in the story. After all, over two years have passed since we have been able to continue this story.

One of the most widely anticipated features of this new Call of Duty is the introduction of Blackout, a brand new battle royale game mode. Similar to PUBG, Blackout allows you to either enter the battle solo or in groups up to four to try and be the last squad standing. All in all, this was the iteration of Call of Duty that the fans needed to continue to love the franchise. 2018 is saved.

Other players love it too.

Skylar Kuper, ELHS student, said, “Black Ops 4 is the most fun I’ve had on Call of Duty in a long time.”

Nate Leung, ELHS alumni, said, “I love it. It feels great and plays great. Call of Duty is back!”