Why Michael Jackson’s Thriller Music Video Will Forever be Iconic

This is thriller! IMDb

This is thriller! IMDb

Kinou Louis-Charles, Ad Manager

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With Halloween around the corner, all things spooky creep back to surface. Scary movies, costumes, and the one and only scary music video, Thriller by Michael Jackson. If you haven’t listened to Thriller by Michael Jackson first, what is wrong with you? Second, stop everything and listen to it! Thriller music video was released on December 2, 1983 changing the game for music artist forever.

The video begins with the legendary Michael Jackson turning into a were wolf and scaring his date away; luckily for her, it was only a movie. The real Michael Jackson appears in his iconic red jacket enjoying the film in front him. Michael Jackson’s look for thriller was made into costumes, fan art, and even placed on cakes. The actual jacket was sold in 2011 for 1.8 million dollars. Who knew a single red jacket would be remember by millions for decades? The music video itself wasn’t considered short being a full fourteen minutes long and giving viewers the vibe of a scary short film rather than a music video.


As Michael Jackson and his date walk home in the foggy night air, zombies begin to approach the two and instead of eating their brains, they break out dancing with Michael Jackson as a zombie! Michael Jackson was well known for his awesome dance moves and one of his memorable moments as a dancer was in the video where he executes a dance routine that is now copied by TV shows and by fans online. This dance wasn’t just any dance; it was the Thriller dance learned by everyone.


Michael Jackson’s date takes off in terror into an abandon house (not the best choice but ok) as the zombies chase after her. They surround the house and then her. They are about to grab her but then she wakes up and it was all a dream! Michael Jackson appears again and offers to take his date home, but as he walks away he give the viewer one last look with his yellow eyes and as a maniacal laugh rings in the background. This music video was not only known for this great dance moves and music but also its scary story and crazy special effects. His video was the big talk in anyone’s town. My own mother, a veteran of the 80s, details that back “from [her] time if anyone said they were not a Michael Jackson fan, they would be lairs.” Michael Jackson’s Thriller was the spooky story that stayed with every fan forever, truly an iconic masterpiece by the greatest of his time.

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