Who really should have won the Office Halloween contest?

Gabe working his Lady Gaga look.

Gabe working his Lady Gaga look.

Gitana Garcia, Entertainment Editor

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If you are like me and have seen season 7, episode 6 of The Office about 10 times, there is a burning question that must be answered: Who really should have won the costume contest?


The grand prize, a Scranton-area coupon book with a savings up to $15,000, created a very competitive contest with some outstanding costumes. Oscar’s “rational consumer” costume, however clever, pretty much won by accident. He didn’t even dress up. The rules being no one could vote for themselves, everyone voted for the person they least thought would win. The other competing costumes were: Phyllis as Justice Sonia Sotomayor, The Halperts as Popeye, Olive Oil, and Swee’Pea, Gabe as Lady Gaga, Todd Packer as a pregnant nurse, Darryl as Dracula, Toby as a hobo, Ryan as Justin Bieber, Dwight as the Scranton strangler, Creed as a mummy, Kevin as Michael Moore, Kelly as Katy Perry, Michael as MacGruber, Angela a nurse, Andy as Bill Compton, and Stanley as Samurai.


Personally, I believe the winners should have been Ryan, Gabe, or Kevin. Ryan’s portrayal of Justin Bieber was spot on and on trend (for the original airing of the show) clad with the iconic purple shirt and swish bangs. Creative points go to Kevin for being Michael Moore, a documentary filmmaker, wearing even the same hat as him. The resemblance was uncanny. However, Gabe really knocked it out of the park with Lady Gaga, going avant garde with the platform boots, platinum hair, and his moves walking down the catwalk. He was the most dressed up and exotic out of the office. It is hard to pick just one winner as there are so many good ones. Senior Emily Santiana says she still would have voted for Oscar’s “rational consumer” costume because “it is an out of the box kind of thought.” On the other hand, senior Kimberly Bootier thought the Halperts deserved the prize because she “is a sucker for family costumes.” In the end, we shall never know who really deserved to win the contest, whether the office collectively voted for him unintentionally or not.


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