Disco Zoo – The best animal puzzle farm simulator game EVER

It takes great skill to discover mythical creatures such as the unicorn.

It takes great skill to discover mythical creatures such as the unicorn.

Brandon Ottaviano, Staff Writer

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Some may have played Candy Crush… Others may have played Angry Birds… but have you played Disco Zoo? The best game on the App Store?

From the creators of all-time hits such as Tiny Tower, Scoops, Sky Burger, and Pocket Planes comes Disco Zoo, the never-ending farm simulation game where puzzle skill is key.

The objective: collect as many animals as possible on your farm by “rescuing” them from their respective areas. There are 10 areas ranging from the Farm to the Mountain. Each area contains three common animals, two rare animals, and one mythical animal. To rescue them, you need to find them within a 5×5 square of 25 blocks. You have 10 tries to extract as many animals as you can, but there’s a twist. Each animal has a unique pattern that appears in the extraction point, so it becomes increasingly difficult to find them, especially the mythical ones. Some appear as horizontal or vertical lines of three or four, some appear as diamonds, and some even appear as broken up L shapes. Collecting animals increases their gold earned per minute incrementally, and each animal earns different amounts depending on the rarity of the animal and its level. The more of each animal you collect, the more gold you earn per minute, which allows you to continue to rescue animals and purchase new areas to explore. Disco Zoo encourages frequent play time by creating a sleep system. Every so often, your animals fall asleep, and you don’t earn any money from them unless you wake them up! When your animals need to be woken up, you can even throw them a disco party, which wakes them up and doubles their profit for a certain number of time. All in all, this is the most well-rounded game ever, and the best part is… it’s free.


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