The beauty of horror

A review of the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House

The series is based off the novel by Shirley Jackson.

The series is based off the novel by Shirley Jackson.

Madison Stites, Staff Writer

The Haunting of Hill House in a one of a kind in its genre of horror. It doesn’t just terrify the viewers; it plays with their minds and their emotions, making it into its very own and unique production. When I first watched it, I was expecting to encounter the generic criteria that is checked off by most horror films and series; that of which consists of jump scares, majority of the characters dying off, evil paranormal entities, etc. It did check most of these off the list, but in a way that was completely original and unexpected.

This production is roughly based off the novel by Shirley Jackson and has been adapted into a TV series by Netflix and director Mike Flanagan. The new series follows the story of the Crain family, made up of a father, mother, and five children. The show explores each character’s memories of the paranormal mysteries and horrors faced in the haunted house they lived in as a young family.  Then, leading into their lives as adults and how they are forced to face what really happened in their childhood home, eventually answering the question of what occurred their last night in the house that caused the family to depart and face a tragic loss. Though the story sounds like it has the potential to be basic, it is anything but. It takes a unique path to telling the plot, going from constant flashbacks to constant present tense scenes. Yet what is it that truly made it so spectacular and special?

To start, it was terrifying. Not in the generic jump scare way, but in the way that one can empathize and see and feel exactly what each character experienced and felt throughout their childhood and into the current moments of their lives. Furthermore, the plot and storyline were phenomenal. They were completely original and left tension and suspense at the end of every one of the ten episodes. Most of all the scenes and scripts were entrancing. NEVER before have I seen a TV series that had so much meaning, depth, and beauty in the lines and scenes that were portrayed. They were so well done that you were left thinking for hours and days afterword. There were times that I cried, there were times that I laughed, and I couldn’t help but realize how special the show really was.

No matter whether you are a horror fanatic or not, this show honestly will appeal to a piece of everyone. It’s composed of 10 episodes, that play with the head and heart and create an irresistible story that is entirely worth watching.