Fav Christmas albums of all time

Olivia Mackenzie, Staff Writer

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With Christmas approaching, many are caroling or listening to their favorite holiday songs. There is a big debate about which albums are the best albums to listen to over the holiday season. After questioning many people the results were clear. The top four albums were Justin Bieber’s Under the Mistletoe, Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas, Nat “King” Cole’s song in Christmas Song Expanded Edition, and Michael Buble’s Christmas.  

Christmas time brings joy and cheer all around. The best way to celebrate and engage in the festive spirit is to dance and sing. “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear” from Elf comes into play. With the top albums by Bieber, Carey, and Buble, many know every word to the songs. Seniors Emma Grace and Sarah Klug both voted for Under the Mistletoe, the album by Justin Bieber, Emma said that her favorite song on the album is “Under the Mistletoe” and that she can listen to on repeat for hours. Senior Emily Rollins voted that the Michael Buble Christmas album was by far the best. Buble’s album was perfectly crafted with his amazing voice. With 20 songs to choose from, one could never go wrong with listening to Buble’s album to get into the Christmas spirit. 

While some have a favorite album by just one artist, many have albums that contain various artists who sing different songs. Senior Annarose Alemayehu voted that her favorite album was the Christmas Song Expanded Edition, and her number one song on it was by Nat “King” Cole. Although Cole has his own album The Magic of Christmas, Annarose still believes that the album with various artists is better. Many artists make collaborations for the holidays or join in on albums that contain various artists, creating an even better selection for Christmas songs. 

More underrated and older Christmas albums are ones such as Frank Sinatra’s Ultimate Christmas or A Holly Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra, the Beach Boys’ The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album, Elvis Presley’s Elvis’ Christmas AlbumA Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi Trio, and so many more. These are all albums that are older but definitely still great to listen to. They are by well-known artists and are sung in a way that is unique with each artists different singing style. 

Overall, many believe that Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, and Michael Buble produced the best Christmas albums. These albums were a favorite due to reasons such as the artist who are singing the songs, the way their voice makes the song sound, and so much more. Many fans of Bieber simply love his Christmas album due to it being by him; people who love Carey’s album love it due to the fact that it is very upbeat and fun to sing along to. These albums all make the Christmas holiday so much better, giving people so many songs to listen and sing along to in order to get them into the Christmas spirit. 

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