Top bops of 2018

New music comes out every year, but this year raised the bar

Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left to Cry” cover photo 

Photo provided by

Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left to Cry” cover photo Photo provided by

Marley Burwell, Features Editor

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Music is something that can bring a lot of emotions to the surface. Happiness, sadness, and even anger can arise from listening to powerful songs. With each year that passes, more and more music is being put out by artists. It also seems that will every year that goes on, music keeps evolving and becoming something more fun to listen to than ever before. Sure, the 80’s boast great hits such as “Africa” by Toto (which made a 2018 comeback), but 2018 brings some real fire.  

2018 saw a flood of new artists. One such artist was Cardi B. Her song “I Like It” was, and still is, a huge hit. Cardi B seemed to skyrocket into fame this year with the help of her popular songs. “I Like It” has a catchy beat and a feeling to it that makes you want to dance. In the same genre as Cardi B, Drake’s hit “God’s Plan” was a smashing success. It was on so many radio stations and constantly got stuck in peoples’ heads. Drake is already a pretty popular artist, but his song “God’s Plan” gained him some more fans. This song is one to be sure to listen to. 

Calvin Harris is known for collaborating with artists that result in absolute triumphs. One such collaboration was with Dua Lipa, a rising star known for her song “New Rules.” The collaborative song, “One Kiss” was a well-received by so many people. While listening, it is hard to not bob your head or shake your leg to the beat. Dua Lipa has a very unique voice that adds a sense of wonder to the song. Another popular pop song was “No Tears Left to Cry” by Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande has been known to put out catchy songs for years. This song was no exception. Even if you had never listened to Ariana Grande, this song was not one to escape the attention of pretty much everyone. Although, her later releases in the year, “God is a Woman” and “Thank U, Next,” give “No Tears Left to Cry” a run for its money. 

Post Malone is another notable figure that made a big appearance in 2018. His song “Better Now” was played on repeat on every sing radio station ever. It was inescapable. Really, it was. I tried so hard not to listen to it, but the song grows on you the more you listen to it. It is a very unique song, just like how Post Malone is a very unique guy. Post Malone was a talked-about celebrity in 2018, which no doubt was part in thanks to his hit song “Better Now.” This year also featured some great songs by Khalid. His song “Love Lies” in particular was a really big hit. Khalid is an amazing artist, with a voice that is something you have never really heard before. His music makes you want to listen to it. He also worked on other projects this year collabing with other artists, such as Shawn Mendes for “Youth” and with Billie Eilish for “Lovely,” which were also huge hits.  

All in all, 2018 has had some great music. From new artists to old ones, the music keeps getting better. AS the end of 2018 nears, one can only hope 2019 will be just as great. There are always tons of artists releasing new music and going on tour, such as Shawn Mendes and Kesha. This is something to look forward to because it sets up the 2019 music scene perfectly. 

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