Best Netflix Documentaries

Pictured here is David Attenborough, one of the chief narrators for almost all of BBC’s documentaries. (

Joshua Brooks, Staff Writer

With so many options, people don’t know which one to choose and find themselves lost among the variety.  There are all kinds of documentaries on Netflix from land based to water based and everything in between.  In fact, there are two seasons of Planet Earth and Blue Planet as of right now, both of which are good to watch.  More often than not, the documentary to watch is whatever one might be in the mood for.

If someone is interested in watching a very realistic description of plants and animals in the real world, they should watch The Hunt or Life Story.  These two documentaries give very realistic approaches to the life of animals in the real world without “sugar-coating” any of the interactions that happen.  The Hunt shows very realistic predator-prey relationships and the results of the prey being unable to escape as well as if the predator is not skilled enough to catch their meal.  Following this, Life Story provides realistic interactions between animals of the same species and the struggles they have.  One of the biggest struggles is that of the Barnacle Geese.  Their goslings have to jump from the safety of their nest down to an area where they can eat and drink.  This jump is 400 ft down and only about half the goslings from each brood survive.  From the beginning of their life where they might have to leave the safety of the breeding grounds to battling against others for dominance, Life Story shows a very accurate portrayal of animals lives in the wild.

Other documentaries that people are interested in are ones where the effects of humans on wildlife are discussed.  Two of the best ones to watch for this topic are South Pacific and Planet Earth 2.  While neither are exclusively about humans’ impact, at the end of each episode the creators, BBC, include the negative effects that humans will have on the environment if we don’t begin trying to protect them.  It gives a good perspective about how humans change the world around them and affect animals without even trying.

Many documentaries on Netflix are glimpses into the lives of animals and the struggles that they face every day to eat and drink.  Some of them show how the weather shapes the lives of animals and even plants in the most extreme climates.  The most interesting thing about the documentaries is the sheer volume of animal interactions that the produces have been able to catch on camera and how much they know about each individual animal.