Laughs, cheers, and awards

A golden night for actors across the globe


Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg having fun on stage at the 76th annual Golden Globes.

Kinou Louis-Charles, Ad Manager

The annual Golden Globes has come to pass, and it was definitely one to be remembered. The Golden Globes was not only largely impressive because of the exciting nominations and amazing wins but for the amazing diversity seen at the award show ceremony. Hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg kicked off the ceremony with hilarious jokes, cracking up the audience members throughout the whole night and filling the award show with many iconic moments that will be mentioned.


The first moment I would consider to be not only iconic but also historical. Sandra Oh became the first actress of Asian descent to host the Golden Globes and the first Asian actress to win more than one Golden Globe. On the fateful night, Sandra Oh confessed on stage that the reason she said yes to hosting the award show was to be able to witness the moment of change in front of her.

“This moment is real. Trust me it is real. Because I see you,” Sandra Oh said.

Sandra Oh then went on to win a Golden Globe that night for Best Actress in a Drama Series and during her acceptance speech she proceeded to tell her parents, who were in the crowd, she loved them in Korean. In that moment, history was made.

Another capturing moment during the Golden Globes was Regina King’s acceptance speech after her win for Best Supporting Actress. After giving many thank yous, Regina King then acknowledged the Times Up movement that turned one this year and announced a large goal she wants actors and actresses to join in on. Regina King told the crowd how she will use her platform to have more roles for women in anything she produces and then urged others on the same platform to do the same.


The many wins of the movie Green Book stole the show as its actor, Mahershala Ali, won best Supporting Actor, and then the movie itself won Best Musical or Comedy and Best Screenplay. Green Book is a story about a world-class African American pianist and his driver/protector from the Bronx and their journey as they tour the deep South in 1962 and a new friendship between the two very different men.


Two more exciting announcements that had many on their feet were Bohemian Rhapsody winning Best Drama and Rami Malek winning Best Actor in a Drama. In Rami Malek’s speech, he thanked the band Queen for their authenticity and inclusivity that lies within their music and the now passed Freddie Mercury, dedicating his award to him.


Another historical moment was actually a nomination that did not end up with a win, but the nomination itself was indeed a first. Black Panther was the first super hero movie to be nominated for a Golden Globe in the drama category for Best Picture and even though it did not end up with a win, it was recognized for its amazing impact it had in Hollywood. Crazy Rich Asians also did not end up with a win after the award show, but it did break the chain of not having an Asian woman nominated for Best Actress, which Constance Wu was in the running for.


Along with the wonderful wins and speeches there were in fact some wonderful hilarious moment as well, which is no surprise since Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg were set to host together. One silly moment that made everyone laugh was when Sandra Oh took to quote Lady Gaga’s (over used) line of having one person out of hundred people believe in in you. Many in the room chuckled including Lady Gaga, who proceeded to shout from her seat, “It’s true!” Another actress who thought to yell from her seat was Emma Stone after being called out for whitewashing in her role in Aloha. “I’m sorry,” the actress yelled, and Sandra Oh accepted with a head nod and a smile. Then of course who could forget Fiji water girl! A woman appeared in many photos on the red carpet as she was passing out water to the actors and actresses, and it was very apparent that she saw her chance and took it to get some photos taken.


The Golden Globes marked an amazing moment in time for many people of many different colors, backgrounds, genders. It was a legendary show filled with laughs, tears, and standing ovations, and it was a show that cannot be erased from history because it has engraved itself into the timeline of America’s development. The Golden Globes was a glimpse into the future that is fast approaching.