The happiest place on earth

The place where dreams come true.

The place where dreams come true.

Annarose Alemayehu, Staff Writer

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The world of Disney is a magical place where all of your dreams come true. The happiest place on earth is where most of us have spent our childhood. Both Disney World and Disneyland make our hearts fill with joy. Walt Disney has brought many generations joy for many decades. From movies to TV, shows and amazing amusement parks.

Most of us grew up loving all things Disney, such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Hannah Montana, Cinderella and much more entertainment. As children most of us dreamed about being a princess or a superhero just like the ones in Disney we looked up to those characters for inspiration, so in every Disney movie produced there is a valuable life lesson that’s teaches young boys and girls good morals. From loving your family, standing up for what you believe in, not conforming to society’s norms and many other valuable lessons that we sometimes have to see from a different point of view to truly understand.

For whatever reason we loved Disney, it definitely had a big impact on our life, by bringing families closer together, or giving people a reason to believe in something. Disney is something we can all look to for a sense of hope and belonging.



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