Which Avengers make our hearts go pitter-patter?

Warning: content may be found cringe worthy


A look at the Hottest Avenger in his natural habitat

Madison Stites, Staff Writer

There is only one place to go to see a constant, unending stream of attractive human beings, and this is the world of Marvel. It seems that with Valentine’s Day arriving it’s the perfect time to discuss these attractive superheroes. Yet, this isn’t just the discussion of their looks; it’s the discussion of which superhero is the hottest in their characters’ entirety. That means costume, looks, and story.  Now, there had to be some constraints to this list, because if the entirety of superheroes were included, I, along with most Marvel fans, would achieve a headache trying to decide. Therefore, the constraints lie within the first group of Avengers, which are those in the first Avenger movie created in 2012. Due to the fact that the Black Widow is the only female, I will be focusing on the male characters, which includes Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Vision, Iron Man, and Hawkeye. The boundaries and rules are now laid; it is time to find which superhero is the hottest.

Each character brings his own traits and stories to the table, but there are really two of them that stand out the most when looking at the whole team. They are the God of Thunder and America’s hero, otherwise known as Thor, and Captain America. The others all do have great stories and looks, but these are the two that when you look up the definition of Man in the dictionary, you will find it stating: “refer to Thor and Captain America to view a perfect specimen.” They both have the bulging muscles, the wonderful eyes, and the great jawlines. Furthermore, they are equipped with the best costumes. Thor looks like a Gladiator from heaven, and Captain America looks like the best man in uniform you will ever see. Yet, this is a competition of which one avenger is the hottest, and Thor takes the cake. Now, this is mostly due to his story. While Captain America is a super soldier who fought many great battles, he is not a god. Thor is based off Nordic mythology and is the God of Thunder who has proven himself to be a true hero through epic battles on Earth and across space. He also is equipped with some of the most impressive and unique powers, which are controlling lightning, super strength, and a really awesome hammer that can cause mass destruction. He can throw that hammer, and like a boomerang, it always comes back to him. Captain America is awesome, but he isn’t Thor awesome. Senior Uroob Saeed states, “I mean Thor has to be the hottest. Like when he summons lighting (insert her ‘ahhhh’ at just recalling this hotness) and then his bulging muscles (insert another ‘ahh’).” She isn’t the only one. Senior Maria Millen also states that Thor definitely takes the lead, saying, “Captain America is definitely hot, but Thor is just a MAN, the definition of everything wonderful.” Their completely accurate views summarize the explanations for Thor taking the lead and Captain America taking runner up perfectly well.

Though everyone is entitled to their opinions, Thor and Captain America really do have it all. They have the costumes, the looks, and epic stories that enhance their hotness. All other Avengers do have their own perks: great personalities, powers, inspirational stories. However, these two bring out the big guns.