Mystery solved?

The characters of the TV show are shown above. What do you think she is?

The characters of the TV show are shown above. What do you think she is?

Uroob Saeed, Web Editor

You may be familiar with the popular children’s TV show called The Backyardigans. The creativity of the episodes involve five characters that play together in their backyard, coming up with exciting adventures through their imagination. Their experiences help them learn  important morals and the value of friendship as they face challenges along the way. The show has five main characters: Tasha the Hippo, Austin the Kangaroo, Pablo the Penguin, Tyrone the Moose, and Uniqua the…something? To be completely honest, years and years since I have watched the show, I still have no idea what Uniqua is supposed to be. I think it’s time to find out once and for all what the mystery creature is.

While it is pretty clear as to what animals the other characters are, Uniqua is definitely not as obvious. However, it is obvious that she is pink. The first animal that comes to mind is a pig. Pigs are pink, and she even has a curly tail that adds to the evidence for this claim. But, Uniqua does not have a snout. She also has antennas, a quality that pigs do not have. Plus, her identity can’t be taken by just her color, since the other characters’ colors don’t match the animals in real life (Austin is purple and Tasha is yellow). With this in mind, the next plausible guess would be some sort of insect. Because of her polka dots, my best guess would be a ladybug. Once again, it just didn’t seem right. Uniqua only has four limbs, not six. She does not have wings, nor does she share any other characteristics of any kind of insect.

After much research and an intense analysis of this creature, I have reached a conclusion. Uniqua comes from species that is, well, unique. Even though it sounds silly, I think the creators of the TV show chose Uniqua to be that way on purpose, including an animal such as herself that is unlike any other, in order to show children that they don’t have to “fit in” or be like everyone else in order to make friends or feel like they are a part of their society. One should be comfortable with who they are, not what everyone expects them to be. Uniqua serves as a symbol for individuality.