The Grammys- New year, same hate


– Kacey Musgraves perfectly mimics the reaction of most Americans when reacting to her Best Album win. This type of forward thinking intelligence must have been reflected in her cutting edge Yee-Haw country album.

Connor Wells, Staff Writer

The 2019 Grammys aired February 10th at 8 p.m. Eastern time. The star-studded event was hosted by singer Alicia Keys and attended by industry heavyweights such as Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Stapleton, and Cardi B. There even were surprise appearances from former first lady Michelle Obama, who spoke alongside artists such as Jennifer Lopez and Gaga about women in the music industry and the importance of music. Drake showed up at the last second to accept his award for rap song of the year with Gods Plan. This came as a shock to most people, especially considering the vocal act on Drake’s behalf to not perform at the Grammys. This decision stemmed from the perceived trend of lack of representation when it comes to hip-hop artists winning general fields over recent years.

While there were surprises, there were many more winners. Childish Gambino won four Grammys for Song of the year, Record of the Year, Rap/Sung Performance, and music video of the year for his track This Is America. The highly coveted Album of the Year went to country artist Kacey Musgraves for Golden Hour, which I’m sure was a great listen to the handful of people who knew about it. Cardi B won best rap album, marking a moment in Grammy history as the first woman to win in this category. Best Pop vocal album went to Ariana Grande and the Best Pop Solo performance went to Lady Gaga who also walked with best pop duo performance.

The Grammys were another mildly disappointing year for music, and the refusal of many artists to perform contributed to the usual amount of controversy surrounding the awards. However, most viewers and journalists enjoyed the performances and hosting abilities of Alicia Keys. Web publication Esquire, said “…surprisingly, this year’s Grammys were, well, good. That’s largely in part to its wonderful host Alicia Keys.” She especially wowed audiences when she sang a mash up of songs while simultaneously playing two pianos at once. In conclusion, the Grammys were okay; not the worst they’ve ever been, but not great.