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Most binge worthy fantasy film
Picture by: IMDb

Most binge worthy fantasy film Picture by: IMDb

Madison Stites, Staff Writer

It seems that we all are binge watchers these days. Whether it’s Netflix, Prime, reality TV, or films we all are guilty of sitting on the couch or lying in bed for an excessive amount of hours. However, this is the important discussion of films, film series specifically, and which are the best for binging. Though there are many out there, this is a list of the top fantasy and sci-fi series to watch. Though there are many great films, there are some that top all others.


  • Lord of the Rings: Of course, this is number one on the list; this is a trilogy of fantasy- adventure films that are like no other. If you haven’t seen this story, then you haven’t truly lived. Adapted from the book trilogy written by J. R. R Tolkien, they tell of the story of a fellowship attempting to save Middle Earth from the all-powerful Eye. The epic tale leaves the watcher in tears with each ending. The three films are over 11 hours of memorable dialogue, mesmerizing battle scenes, and lovable characters. Practically faultless, one can’t go wrong with binge watching this story; there really is no other way to experience than in one epic day.
  • Harry Potter: Everyone knows the name of the Boy Who Lived. Whether they have read the books, seen the movies, been to the Harry Potter World theme park, or have heard others talk of it, there is not a corner of the world that doesn’t know of this story. Henceforth, it would make sense that its movies are in the top of fantasy binge worthy films. It’s seven movies long and over 19 hours of magic packed action and adventure. It tells the story of a boy discovers he is a wizard and must learn to face the notorious Voldemort, who attempted to murder him as a baby. The character development of the main stars is remarkable, as you get to watch them start as kids and grow into adults. Make sure to set aside a couple days if you plan to watch this series.
  • Star Wars takes the last spot on this list. It is a total of eight films with the most recent addition added in 2017, and totals to 20 hours and 10 minutes of movie binging. This famous series is a sci-fi, filled with a masked father, spaceships, glowing swords, and strange creatures. It’s action packed and fun for the entire family. This classic, therefore, takes third place in the category of most binge worthy films.


Next time you find yourself on break or with a three-day weekend, take the time to binge watch one of these famous stories. Don’t forget to prepare well for your journey, meaning ample snacks and plenty of bathroom breaks. No matter which path you choose, you will embark on an epic tale of sitting on the couch to watch from 10-20 hours of the best of fantasy