A Kardashian drama

An onslaught of twitter and instagram memes followed this scandal.

An onslaught of twitter and instagram memes followed this scandal.

Marley Burwell, Features Editor

From the outside, the Kardashians seem to have it all. From money, nice clothes, and big houses to pretty faces (thanks to plastic surgery) and a lavish lifestyle, everyone (well, mostly) idolizes this family. However, within their actual lives, there is turmoil, just like in any other family. When turmoil strikes, though, they have the unfortunate position of being in the public due to their status.

The latest scoop that happened shocked many when the news came out. Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, has had a past of cheating. He even cheated while she was in labor with their child. If that’s not bad enough, this latest cheating scandal hit a bit too close to home.

Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordan Woods had been the one to get a little too cozy with Khloe’s man. Khloe had been close with Jordan too, even asking her to model her clothing line. It’s safe to assume she’s probably no longer a model for her. One source said Kylie was torn over what to do and who to side with. More recent claims state Jordan is moving out of Kylie’s house. The betrayal here is real.

Although it is easy to scoff at public families like the Kardashian-Jenner clan, they are still people with feelings and emotion. The fact that Tristan has cheated more than once proves he is not the best type of man, but the fact he cheated with his significant others little sister’s best friend is just disgusting. It is a very good thing Khloe is no longer with Tristan. A re-evaluation of life choices is in need here.