Take a Bow!


Figure 1 night at the Oscars recap, Vox.com

Kinou Louis-Charles, Ad Manager

Even though the 91st Oscars Award show went on with no host, the night was still one to talk about. From the bold and breath-taking outfits to the academy award first time wins the Oscars buzz lasted longer than one fabulous night. Many movie fans were eager to find out whether their personal favorite movies, actress, and actors had won the longed-for golden trophy and other were excited to see what funny moment would slip by during the glamorous show night, such as Spike Lee’s jubilant victory dance. Although, if you did not have the chance to witness the Oscars, here is a rundown of the night’s most exciting moments.



The night at the Oscars kicked off with the beloved celebrities posing on the red carpet in their remarkable outfits. One particular fashion choice that definitely had cameras flashing and even fellow celebrities buzzing was Billy Porter in his black gown, a daring look that got a majority of praise from his colleagues. Porter himself detailed in on how he planned the look and informed an interviewer that it was “empowering” for him. Yet, while Porter owned the night there was in fact some backlash about his wardrobe choice via social media, but Billy Porter spoke out about telling the public he was “ready to create the conversation.”


After the colorful view of the red carpet looks, it was then time to hand out awards. In contrast to the earlier years of the Oscars being branded “too white,” this year’s academy award winners were more diverse than before. With people such as Ruth E. Carter making history on stage for being the first black woman to win an Oscar for Best Costume Design, and people of Color like Spike Lee and Rami Malek earning their first wins, the Oscars was an accurate representation of America today.


Aside from the looks and awards, who knew Bradly Cooper could really sing! Performing on stage their hit song Shallows, written for their movie A Star is Born, Bradly Cooper and Lady Gaga gave a remarkable performance that was loved by (nearly) all who listened. I personally think Bradly Cooper should go on tour, now that his hidden talent is no longer so hidden.


Another memorable night was made during the Oscars as many took home more than awards. Who knows what next year’s list of nominated celebrities and movies will look like, an exciting time to keep your eyes pealed for what may be the next big hit. Even though there were still some film projects that went home empty handed, the motivation of next year is what drives the talented to not seek out not only recognition but ground-breaking work.