Behind the mouse


Disney movie are directed at young children but contain some deep themes.

KInous Louis-Charles, Ads Manager

The large franchise that is Disney has been able to successfully make many movies for kids and adults to enjoy. With, lovable characters, catchy songs, and impressive animations Disney also had deep important messages in each movie that you may not have noticed. While some people think of Disney as simply some fun movies that can entertain kids for a couple of hours, Disney actually was able to teach kids (and adults) some moving lessons throughout the movies in a very subtle way. If you are wondering these meanings are, you are about to find out! Here is an article about the true meanings behind some of your favorite Disney movies.




Let’s start with the adorable robot that was made to clean up after people’s mess. That’s right it’s Wall-E! Wall-E is a movie about a lonely robot who ends up in space where humans have gone once they abandoned Earth. It sounds like an exciting story about futuristic adventures and characters, but did you notice anything interesting about the Earth and the people who abandoned it? The Earth was covered in trash and not a single tree was in sight there for it could no longer support human life. The imagery in this part of the movie is a prediction of the future if humans don’t take care of the Earth they live on. The people who used to live on Earth went to continue life in space and as you see in the movie they are consumed by the power of technology and have become lazy. This is also a look into the future if humans continue to allow technology to take over their lives. Obviously, children won’t be able to quickly analyze the hidden theme and decipher the message on their first time watching it, but they unknowingly catch on while enjoying adorable Wall-E bring life back to Earth. But what movie teaches them to always work hard even when the odds are against them? Maybe a Princess in green.


Tiana from Princess and the Frog is a girl who comes from a family with little money and big dreams. After being turned into a frog by unfortunate events, Tiana needs to try everything she can to turn back into being human again. With the help of a talking gator and a couple singing fireflies, Tiana takes a journey through New Orleans to find her way back to being human. Throughout the movie Tiana is working hard to earn her place in the sun, always focusing on the bigger picture in life but has forgotten about one thing, family. As Tiana learns that your dream is not as great when it’s not shared with the people you love, viewers are taught the same. The message in this movie is to not only know that you can do anything you put your mind to but also that the most important thing to do is to not lose sight of the caring people in your life. Although, sometimes pursuing your dreams can be scary and make you afraid-almost as afraid as a young lion destined to rule over everything the light touches.


In Lion King, Simba is a cub we see grow into a lion while enduring some tragic events. After being led to think the death of his father was his fault, Simba runs away and lives in a state of Hakuna Matata. Once several years have passed Simba gains word of the kingdom he left behind being treated poorly and now has to make the decision whether to face his past or continue to run from it. While we were laughing at the silly shenanigans of Timon and Pumbaa, we were also taught that it is never right to run from your past but better to learn from it to be a better person. Often times we are so wrapped up in the entertaining characters and catchy songs we forget about the important messages Disney sends out to their viewers with each film they produce, but there is more to Disney if you just look behind the mouse.