Riddle me this

Answer this riddle!

Answer this riddle!

Kinou Louis-Charles, Ads Manager

Are you ever in a long car ride where it feels as if you’ve been on the road for ages and you’ve got nothing to do but look at your phone for ages more? Or are you one who enjoys a game of mystery and problem solving? If the answer is yes for both of these, I suggest your closest friends lose yourself in the game of riddles! Passing the time in that much too long car ride or feeding the hunger for fun in problem solving riddles are definitely what you are in need of. Here I have composed of a list of the best riddles that can make time fly.


Riddle #1: Try to figure out what object this is. I have no doors, but I have keys, I have no rooms, but I do have a space, you can enter but you can never leave. What am I?

If it’s getting hard to guess, why no try a hint or two?

Hint 1: This is often found near computers.

Hint 2: You use it to text.


Riddle #2: A robbery took place inside a home. As the robber was taking an item from the mantle, he accidentally breaks a clock, stopping the time. The next day the police were unable to tell what time the robbery happened, why?

Are you ready for a hint?

Hint 1: The police knew how to tell time.

Hint 2: The burglar did not alter the clock in any way after it fell.


Riddle #3: A woman went down the police station to report that her house was broken into and her ring was stolen. When the police got to the house, they noticed that the window was broken, there was a mess, and there were dirty footprints on the carpet. But, there were no other signs of a break in. The police could tell the woman had staged the break in, how?

I’d say a helpful hint is in order.

Hint 1: The police could tell the break in was stage before they entered the house.

Hint 2: The window was the biggest lead.


Riddle #4: The poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it you’ll die.

Here is the last hint, get ready!

Hint: It’s all around you.


Did you find these riddles as a good way to pass the time? The most fun thing to do is share them with others and see if they can crack the riddle too! The answers to the questions with be placed down below so you can check your accuracy.



  1. The answer is a keyboard.
  2. The police were unable to tell the time because it was a digital clock and after it broke it stopped displaying the time.
  3. The window was broken but it was broken from the inside. The police could tell because the glass shards were on the outside of the house.
  4. The answer is nothing.