Pewdiepie Versus T-Series

Not much time is left! What will you do to save Pewdiepie

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Brock Maloy, Staff Writer

Whether you are a fan of the Swedish Youtuber Felix Kjellberg,  stage name Pewdiepie, you are aware that he has maintained his spot as the number one channel on the site.  Ever since 2013 he has had the most subscribers on YouTube.  It’s a part of everyone’s child hood subconsciously where Pewdiepie is known. Once a prominent gamer on the sight, he has branched out and reports news and even reviews great memes.  He has been hit with unfair media coverage painting him as an anti-Semite. Recently, however, for the first time in six years his top spot has been challenged.  An Indian movie trailer company and music company, Tseries has surged in subscribers. Thanks to India’s massive population and rapidly growing access to the internet, they have successfully challenged Pewdiepie.


A YouTube personality, Mr. Beast, has stepped up and had done more than just his part to help Pewdiepie maintain his top spot.  He has bought several billboards and handed fliers out across the country.  Times Square once featured a Pewdiepie ad on their biggest billboard, costing one million dollars.  A Super Bowl commercial was teased but never came through.  Instead they stood behind the end zone with signs claiming “subscribe to pewdiepie”.  A small boost in subscribers was warranted from that.


In this unwinnable war we have to stop and wonder what the end game is?  India’s population is too large and lands too fast to sustain a resistance against T-series.  Now I want you to ask yourself what you are going to tell your kids and grandkids you did during the great Pewdiepie Vs. T-series war?  Easy answer. Do your part and subscribe to Pewdiepie!