US Movie Review

Brandon Ottaviano, Staff Writer


Coming off a hot Billboard pop culture movie in Get Out, Jordan Peele has returned with a new thriller, this time a horror film. Arriving just last week, this movie has already garnered a ton of hype and a massive opening box office turnout. Fortunately, I was able to see it the day it came out, and have had some time to mull over the film and its many twists and turns to give it a nice analysis.

Us is set in the 1980s, and centers on the Wilson family. Adelaide and Gabe have two kids, Zora and Jason.  The main character is Adelaide, the mother. The film begins with a little bit of backstory on the mother, where she is a child at the fair. She has a traumatic experience, which is somewhat hidden to the viewer. Throughout the movie this experience is explained more and more to the viewer, and climaxes at the end.

In present day, the Wilsons are on vacation in California. They go to the same fair where Adelaide had that traumatic experience. Upon returning home, the family of four realizes that another family of four is outside their house. Unable to get them to leave, they soon realize they are a threat. Turns out, the family is a mirror of themselves, called the Tether. The Tether neutralizes Adelaide and her family and tell them that they want revenge for them having to live underground while this family thrives in the real world. After a series of fight scenes and crazy moments, Gabe, the father manages to kill his Tether, and the family escapes. Turns out, there are more Tethers than just their family. They manage to fight off another family of Tether before realizing that literally everyone in the area has a Tether and they are attempting to take over, or perform some sort of invasion. The family eventually drives away, only to run into their own Tether again. The Tether counterpart of Jason dies in a fire, only for Adelaide’s Tether to capture the real Jason. This prompts Adelaide to go off on a solo mission to find her son, and she goes back to the place where she had her childhood traumatic experience. She eventually finds the Tether Adelaide and fights her for a while until she kills her. She rescues her son and everything seems great, until the very end of the movie. Here, we learn that the traumatic childhood experience Adelaide had is that she saw her Tether in this room during the fair. The Tether attacked her and brought her underground, where she chained up the real Adelaide. Tether Adelaide then put on her clothes and went back to the real world, where she began living her life as “real” Adelaide, meaning this whole time, the Tether Adelaide is actually the REAL Adelaide and they were switched!

This movie was pretty good, but I feel like it didn’t live up to the hype that it built up. Overall, I don’t think I would ever see it again and I definitely regret spending money to see it, but don’t regret seeing it. Reason being, I didn’t leave the theater shocked or very satisfied with seeing it. Now, if it had been on Netflix and I watched it I probably would’ve thought it was insane. Being that it was a Jordan Peele movie with so much hype around it, I was left with some disappointment.