Another riveting iOS game


Injustice offers a dazzling array of characters.

Brandon Ottaviano, Staff Writer

In the latest installment of games I am temporarily addicted to, DC Comics’ Injustice – Gods Among Us is a fast-paced mobile fighting game that brings loads of fun and lots to do.

Based off the Mortal Kombat-esque fighting game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Injustice – Gods Among Us for mobile is a card collection game in which players receive cards of DC Comics heroes. Each hero has a damage stat and a health stat, and by leveling them up these stats increase. If you receive a duplicate card, you can promote this hero, increasing its stats dramatically. You can do this up to 7 times, bringing your hero up to Elite VII rank. Each hero levels up to level 50, where it caps off.

Your heroes have an energy bar and battling requires energy. Easy battles take 1, and harder battles take 3. In Injustice, you can do a multitude of battles and events. You can play the standard story mode, which progressively gets harder and harder. You can participate in the online ladder, where rewards shuffle every week. You can also participate in special hero events where a certain powerful hero is available to earn after doing a series of 35 or so battles. These heroes rotate every week, allowing you to earn lots of good cards.

Heroes come in various tiers: bronze, silver, and gold. Obviously, the gold cards are the most powerful. Where the game really gets interesting is in how you collect the best heroes and who they are. The DC Universe spans across many different dimensions and realities in which the heroes exist in different states. For example, Deathstroke, the infamous Batman villain, exists in the “Flashpoint” universe as well as the “Regime” universe as well as the “Insurgency” universe, etc. etc. This makes the character roster very long, and makes you grind the game for a long time to attempt to earn these characters.

Having been a huge fan of the console version myself, this game is fantastic to play when you are sitting in class not doing anything. Time really flies by when you are battling the strongest heroes in the DC universe. If you want to play you better start now, because the grind is REAL.